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Jack London Square.

March 24th, 2001

Which Helps
My, but a month flies by.

I sit here distracted, lightly scratching my chin and experiencing an odd prickly feeling that comes from the light trace of a fingernail across my face, mouth still not recovered two years now after the operation, maybe not even close to recovered, but still, everything works. Hot - cold, sweet - sour, it's all in there somewhere and my dentist says that's the trick, it will eventually get better on its own. It's just that it feels numb and it's been forcing itself into my consciousness here as I sit touching my chin. Hello chin. ("Hello, Prop") Sometimes I take a Tylenol and I say it feels better and I guess it does. Tylenol: the pain killer that only works when there is no pain, think I, sitting here noodling with the journal late in the afternoon.

I will continue to post, I guess, but I suspect not as often as in the past. I've kept myself busy in the evenings with my beginning PhotoShop class and fooling around printing if not shooting photographs. I think I shot one, maybe two rolls of film in the last month, but I'm OK with that and it will pick up. The Mojo may be on sabbatical, but it's still alive and well here in Oakland. And spring arrived Tuesday. Which helps.

I've begun looking for a new place, checking out areas with lofts and warehouse space, room for MSJ at lunch. lights, cameras, computers and cat. Today I will look at beds. A friend suggested a Sleepaire mattress that you adjust with a small remote control device that is connected to an air pump on the floor. It is evidently hot stuff, $1,300 worth of hot stuff. I think I will try one, maybe get a simple inexpensive metal frame to go with it and buy something more elaborate later when I get wherever I'm going. Beth at work suggested I replace my pillows too, since pillows (according to those who know) don't last forever. You're never too old to learn, I guess. Pillows don't last forever. Who could tell? So I'll get four: one to hug, one for the head, one or two to place strategically around the body for show. I may do this later today, because, although I can order one over the web, like an automobile, it might be a good idea to try one of the damned things first. Just in case air heads don't mix with air beds. Ho, ho.

The banner photographer was taken last weekend at Jack London Square. The photo of MSJ as taken at a recent lunch. The quote is by Joe Ancis.