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March 14th, 2001

A Short Recap
  • Wuss is back up to his old weight and hungry.

  • I junked the automatic litter box and bought a regular plastic litter pan along with four sacks of this new "Litter Pearl" ersatz white litter stuff - the new improved "Trackless Litter Pearl" ersatz white litter stuff, I might add - that costs, ounce for ounce, more than his food. I haven't looked back. There are reasons for doing this and if I ever restart this journal again I will undoubtedly tell you about it.

  • I signed up for an online PhotoShop class through San Francisco State and I am now well into the twelve week beginners course. I have learned things. I fight this learning business tooth and nail, but I am learning things none the less. The cost was $575, which, I think, is too much, and I am surprised at how many of the class members have yet to post assignments or to participate. So my procrastination is not unique. Maybe their parents are paying their tuition and they don't care what it costs. Then again, maybe not.

  • I finally have the two Epson photo printers working properly and I've made over a hundred 8" x 10" prints. They look OK.

  • I have not yet heard from my landlord when he plans to return to Oakland, but I should hear from him pretty quick, and I've pushed slightly beyond the just sit around and think about getting my moving act together. Where to, I don't know, but it will work out. I've made a budget and discovered that I will be able to buy a condominium of my own here in Oakland in another seventeen years by which time I will undoubtedly be dead.

  • The rumor now is that the company will pay a bonus on April 1st, maybe not a full bonus, but a bonus, none the less. I turns out we made a lot of money last year. This will probably allow me to pay off my 401k loan, move to another apartment and buy a new bed.

  • Believe me, a few more mornings waking up sore, and I'll quit bitching and just buy the god damned bed, probably tomorrow.

  • I have noodled together some new pages for another web site, one of which sits here for the moment, and I am thinking of doing more, but my heart is not in it, which, with me, doesn't mean much.

  • My own enthusiasm for this journal remains iffy. I don't know iffy I will or iffy I won't.

  • I have two photo assignments coming up, shooting a 50th wedding anniversary party (on a yacht) and a portrait session with the manager of a local restaurant. That's good. I may actually use studio lights.

  • I haven't shot more than a dozen photographs in the last month. This will change, but the writing and photography have certainly fizzled out. Hormones, probably. Maybe the weather. They will return. Soon, I hope.
By the way, if you are using PhotoShop 6.0, download the 6.0.1 update. It fixed many things.

The photographer is on hiatus.