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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 7, 2019


Friday. Lights out and radio off by nine-thirty again to awaken at ten minutes to six, eyes wide open and ready for the morning, not something that always happens. Up and out the door to walk under a partially cloudy sky, the sun yet to break through. A picture of that telephone pole at the base of my hill as another “donation” seems to have appeared, a small repeating story that seemingly never ends. Do people wait in lines to leave these things? Arrived before seven, the restaurant open, the Friday (business?) group that meets in the back beginning to arrive.

The French toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, eight-tenths of a pound over target on the scale, this morning, French toast the only thing on the menu that cried out, finishing up by eight-thirty again, the sun out now and so a comfortable enough walk home to take the usual pictures, the sinus-upper palate aching the only distraction. A good start to a morning, in other words.

A selfie in the lobby, one with the mouth closed, one with the mouth open, before heading up to post yesterday's entry. Not enough energy to do any editing, but then when's that not been the early morning norm? A message on the phone, yesterday's Protime test coming in within range, all is (mostly) right with the world.

Later. My, my. A bus to the ATM on Broadway, a walk to take pictures at the Valdez Street construction sites and then walk home, feeling just fine. Not tired after a good half hour step right out walk. What happened with that? I've been fighting getting my butt in gear now forever and this time it happens just like that. Let's see how it goes tomorrow or maybe even this evening at the Oakland First Friday event.

Nothing other than listening to the news and watching a movie on the tablet for the rest of the afternoon. No complaints, none of the “tiredness” I've been complaining about, but no real desire to go photograph the Oakland First Friday street event that starts at five either. Not a bad afternoon.

Evening. Another evening without anything on television, all the public stations continue to raise money, and so to bed again by eight-thirty. They're saying ten degrees warmer tomorrow and then another ten degrees on top of that for both Sunday and Monday. Makes me wonder if I'll be up to photograph the Temescal Street Fair on Sunday, a question I'd have had without the temperatures they're forecasting.

The photo up top was taken one year ago at the 2018 Oakland Sex Workers Protest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.