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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 6, 2019


Thursday. Another lights out by nine-thirty to awaken at a quarter or so to six, up and out the door by six-forty to walk to breakfast under a scattered cloud sky, none of the bright sun as I was walking, to arrive before seven and find the restaurant open and ready. Wondered how this day was going to go with the tired thing experienced yesterday. So far couldn't tell.

The eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, finishing up again by eight-thirty, the sun now shining on the way home. Didn't seem to be all that many people walking this morning, a matter of chance than anything going on. I guess.

Home to snap the selfie, sit down with yesterday's entry (what there was of it). Lots of pictures, but with words all scrambled together in a bucket.

Another Protime blood thinner test later this morning. Am I up for all the walking is the question. I am, I suspect.

Later. A bus in ten minutes. Did I want to pack a camera and set out for the lab feeling as I did? Do bears play ping pong in the woods?

A bus to Valdez and the construction sites at Valdez and 23rd, if only because that's what I do on these trips, the head and attitude clearing up quite a bit once I'd gotten my butt out the door. Not great, but better. The usual pictures, noting for the first time the brown and light gray squares on the side of 2330 Webster. Hmm. A walk then over to and up Broadway, running into a bus at a stop as I started crossing Broadway after three blocks and so on the bus and to the lab. Just like that.

Waited for twenty minutes in the lab's small lobby before it was my turn to sit in the chair, the drawing itself taking all of four minutes, walking then to the building café to have a yogurt parfait and coffee at one of their outside tables. Surprisingly good, that yogurt parfait. A picture of the construction site at Hawthorne and Broadway heading home. From the look of it they're close to finishing the thing.

A walk then back to Grand along Broadway, taking pictures of two construction sites I've noted in passing, but not photographed in the past. Liked the look of this one.

Arrived at the Grand and Webster bus stop, sat down and waited fifteen minutes for the bus. I'd walked enough. Straight home feeling better. We'll know how the blood test numbers turned out later today or tomorrow.

Evening. A better day than yesterday. Didn't take any naps, haven't spent much time on the tablet zoning out while watching something marginally entertaining on Netflix or Prime. (Do we detect some ambivalence here?) We'll try watching Vera later at eight, although I haven't been able to handle more than ten or twenty minutes of it before giving up in trying to make sense of the plot through their accents and through what are perhaps less well functioning ears.

The photo up top was taken one year ago at the 2018 Oakland Sex Workers Protest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.