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June 12, 2017

The Heap

Monday. I can't say it was all that long a day yesterday, what with but an hour's running around (walking around) at the Temescal Street Fair, but lights out early to awaken at six-thirty, running half an hour late. Not a problem, of course, there's no specific time I need to finish breakfast and be home, so up and out the door to walk to breakfast on a sunny morning, whatever clouds there were resting to the north.

The oatmeal with toast, fruit cup and coffee. Couldn't really think of anything I particularly wanted, but the oatmeal worked. Read the papers to attempt to understand what had happened with the French weekend elections, not having understood yesterday's France 24 all day television reporting. Still not sure what sort of policies their new president represents. Still, stuff going on full tilt in France.

A walk home, still sunny (those clouds to the north seem to be arriving right now as I write), another picture of the evaporating remains of the bike in front of the Grand Fare Market, no one evidently interested in putting it out of its misery, not even the owner, and so home. On this first day of this, another week, in June.

Later. I guess I was still tired so lied down for an hour before catching a bus at one to the City Center to get lunch, if I could think of something I'd like to eat for lunch. I know, I know, gets old, this “what to eat?” business, but it seems to be reality anymore. The Center was still fairly crowded after one, so went to the convenience store and picked up a box of Good & Plenty to sit nearby and eat it sitting on one of the benches.

On then by the bagel shop, but they were out of poppy seed bagels (pretty thin reason to turn around and leave) and so on again to the café in the Rotunda building where I had one of their Raspberry Shortcake cookies with coffee. I can't remember the last time I've had one, but it's been too long. Way too long.

And you call that a lunch?

Seems to have been. Went by the building construction project at 17th and Broadway and took a series of pictures of their progress. Interesting to see how they firm up the base by driving what look to be pipes into the ground to anchor the building. Earthquakes. There is one coming.

A walk to Grand and then a bus home, the day done. Bright sun, but still cool and so the sweater again under a light jacket. They're saying we'll see a fifteen degree rise in temperatures over these next five days, from too cool to too warm. Sweaters to t-shirts by the coming weekend.

Evening. Watched the first half of Democracy Now! I'd missed this morning, watched one or two (or three) things on the tablet, quitting some and being thrown out of others by my connection or by Netflix or Prime. Checked Charlie Rose at eight and ended up watching it straight through, all the while following the Warriors game by checking the progress reports on the Guardian web site. Weird, but oddly satisfying without seeing a single play. And so we add another decent day to add to the heap.

The photo up top was taken at the Temescal Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.