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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 8, 2017


Thursday. Not a bad night's sleep, awakening at five after six, getting up and checking the weather for cloud cover and see if it looked like rain. Decided it didn't although, when I left the building, it was clear the street was wet. Not that wet, but there'd clearly been some rain last night. The clouds still looked not too threatening, I hadn't brought the car keys with me and so on to walk to breakfast.

The chicken-apple sausage for breakfast, looking up at one point to see the rain coming down really hard. OK, rain, we'll take the bus home. Close to finishing the papers (no East Bay Times again) a bus stopped in front of the restaurant and so checked my watch. They run every twenty minutes so we'll take our time with the tag end of the papers, be ready when the next bus arrives. In twenty minutes.

Outside waiting twenty minutes later the NextBus app said the bus wasn't due for twenty minutes. Ouch. Still, waited, sitting on a chair under the restaurant awning after taking the usual picture and then hopped on the bus when it arrived to find little to no rain getting off at my stop and walking the short distance to the apartment.

Feeling fine up to that point, but then I was hit with a tired/wobbly feeling when I just got inside and so lied down before addressing and finishing yesterday's entry. The familiar sparkly blob appeared in the left eye when it was closed, but no other ocular migraine symptoms, and so listened to the tag end of the Comey session on the radio while reality, my reality at least, stitched itself back together.

They were saying rain through the afternoon, although it's not raining now, and hasn't rained (that I'm aware of) since I got home. Maybe check to see if the burger drive-in is open later, but for the moment we're staying inside.

Later. Walked over to the burger drive-in to find they were still closed as they had been yesterday, but this time walked all the way up to the door and saw the notice posted saying they'd been closed down for failing their local health department exam. Hmm. So much for a (tainted?) turkey sandwich, on to the local Domino's for a personal size pepperoni and mushroom pizza to take home. Been months and months since I've had pizza. Will probably be months and months before I have it again.

Two o'clock right now, the British polls are now closed and the first exit poll results have now been released, indicating the Conservatives have taken a hit. I've followed the economic situation in Europe and Britain for some time and have generally favored Corbyn and his Labour Party (Corbyn and Sanders, for example, are often favorably compared.).

The British press, they're saying more right wing than Fox News is here, has uniformly damned Corbyn and favored the Conservative Theresa May. My barber, who's English, mentioned she didn't like Corbyn and I've been tempted to ask her why. I'll be curious enough to ask when my next haircut rolls around.

Evening. Tired again through the day, seemingly a little better now as it approaches seven. Still it's not, I suspect, a good sign. I've continued following the British election, Labour doing well, but not as well as the exit pole suggested when the poles first closed. Start the day with Comey, finish the day with Corbyn. Alliterative at least.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.