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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 2, 2017


Friday. A quick check to see how the Warriors game had turned out last night and then lights out before ten to sleep right through until ten to six this morning. Well, there was a short wake up, take a leak and go back to bed in there, but altogether a good night's rest.

No East Bay Times, of course, but off to breakfast, passing as always through the parking lot at the bottom of my hill, a lone floor standing fan not totally unexpected - you find all kinds of discarded stuff along Grand - but a little creepy in that the fan blades were turning in what was a very light wind. So a picture of it later on the way home.

Another picture of another bicycle that had had its front tire stolen. You pass way too many of these. On to breakfast, the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee this time, the sky clear, the day starting well.

Took a number of pictures I've taken over and over in the past while walking home. What the hell, if necessary, I can invent reasons to be doing this, but it does seem to keep me amused and amused you hang onto.

There's something called a ClusterFest being held in the San Francisco City Hall area today and through the weekend and, if it doesn't cost a fortune to enter just the City Hall area, I'd like to go. There's a number of performances being held in the surrounding buildings and tickets to them start at ninety-nine bucks, depending on how many you want to attend, but maybe there's a smaller entrance fee to the surrounding area for someone who just wants to take pictures and not attend the performances.

Later. Tired, but no more so than usual. Watched more television before heading over to the lake, again for a very short outing, and taking but six pictures, two of which I deleted because the gull with the mollusk in its beak had his head outside the frame. Well, I had his head outside the frame. A mistake due to the new way the camera focuses when you're after fast moving objects, now I know better.

And so you won't do it again?

Things can get awkward when you're using a cumbersome lens.

News playing in the background, although at the moment I'm blotting most of it out. Maybe switch to the Law & Order episodes playing all day today, even though I've so far seen all of them.

Later still. It turns out I have seen these episodes of Law & Order before, long enough ago that I can't remember more than a scene or two at the beginning and then rarely recognize any of the scenes that follow, although I do remember just enough of them to recollect which ones I'd enjoyed and which ones I hadn't. So television or the news at the moment and right now we've had more than enough of the two.


Evening. Watched Democracy Now!, watched one or two things on the tablet, checked out Charlie Rose at eight and then gave up on the evening. Tired enough to get to sleep early, I'd think.

And screw up the morning by awakening too early.

One does not easily break one's comfortably ingrained routines.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.