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June 1, 2017

Find Out

Thursday. Not sure when the lights were turned out last night, but it was earlier than later, which may have been why I awoke at three-thirty and didn't get back to sleep again for an hour, awakening then at six-thirty. Altogether it probably worked out, enough sleep when you add it all up, so off to breakfast with all three papers in tow on a grey overcast but not overly cold, not overly warm, morning.

Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I was hungry. Read the papers and headed back home arriving before nine. Did I read the papers more quickly than usual and make up for that half hour I'd lost? Must have. Might be a good idea, if only for the usually missing East Bay Times, to make that happen more often. Stay up until well after nine.

Posted yesterday's entry, surfed the usual web sites and now sit thinking about what I should do with myself. That hour of getting back to sleep was a hour of mulling over all the various things I've been putting off. Can I do one or two today? Or will I shirk?

Bet on shirk.

Later. A bath before watching Trump announce we're pulling out of the Paris accord. Knew it was coming, but I still found it hard to watch and so grabbed a camera and walked over to the lake looking for cormorants or, if they're now all finished building their nests, any bird that might by flying to test the camera setup. Found cormorants, but all of them were either splashing about (cleaning their feathers? moulting?) or sunning themselves on the line of buoys. No more than a couple of pictures before leaving, picking up a grilled cheese sandwich on the way back. Is that sound I hear China laughing?

Went back to the news to watch the various programs talk about the pull out. We've been well into interesting times now for some time and, from the look of it, they've now jumped the shark and become more interesting still. Alice and we may have again passed through the Looking Glass.

Evening. We've voted by now for shirking any thought of, let alone doing anything, about our to-do list. No surprises there, just carry on.

Watched and listened to more news programs, ending with the Charlie Rose interview and its take on Trump's dumping of the Paris accord. People have been responding. Let's hope it doesn't totally derail any chance we may have had to save this earth's human experiment. Maybe it's best I won't be around when we find out.

Now, now.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast today with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.