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June 23, 2016

My, My

Thursday. A successful night's sleep. I guess to some degree they're all successful, some shorter than others, yes, but generally none so out of line or uncommon as to require comment. Yet that's the way I start the day. Here, at least.

A walk to breakfast on a sunny morning, noting the seven cent increase in gas prices, a fact I noted years ago with some interest when I started following the pricing, and now following along for no reason other than I've done it in the past and the picture taking and posting is automatic. Maybe odd, maybe not. Maybe just stupid.

After yesterday's three relatively large meals the weight was up over one fifty-one this morning and so breakfast was the plain waffle with fruit. We would still like to see if we can do, say, a week of no fuzzy headed, no ocular, no vision shifted incidents that we keep relating to food and so far, so good.

After posting yesterday's entry I checked the links to discover the day before yesterday's entry pictures were missing. This is something I check religiously and yet they were missing. OK, copy them up to the web. Did I forget? Did I not check? Are we learning we're more and more not going to be catching this stuff, not catching it as we, um, “grow older”? Or was their being missing due to something else?

Ah, well. A walk home in the bright sun, the sky clear, a nice day ahead. There are things I need to do with Latham Square, I'm a month behind in putting up photographs, otherwise nothing today on tap. Both Saturday and Sunday have events, Sunday the LGBT Pride Parade, so the weekend is set. Which is good because I suspect I've now posted Carnaval Parade pictures up top I've posted in the past.

And so another memory glitch is noted.

Later. Our “successful night's sleep” resulted in an hour's nap. No actual sleep, but the hour did rush right on by: blink! blink! Up finally to head out over to the lake and then to the café by the fitness center for an ice cream sandwich and coffee. The ice cream sandwiches are small and haven't in the past (as of yet) resulted in any ocular consequences. (He said with a tight smile.)

A picture of the area where they're going to start construction on two buildings just down the way: a twelve unit apartment house and a twelve unit condominium at some point I'm assuming later this year. They've cleared out the vegetation cluttering up the area and I've been wondering if the work they've been doing digging up Grand on the far side might not be in preparation for when the construction starts.

Home to listen to the news on Brexit. Why have I followed Brexit so closely these last several months? Well, I was studying Political Science in the sixties when the European Union had been just put together, the attempt to preempt another European World War, the parallels with the troubles of the 1930's and, well, we'll leave it at that or we'll never stop.

We're babbling now.

You listen to this stuff - doesn't seem to matter how long or how much - and you realize no one really knows what this means or how it's going to turn out. Put a few decades under your belt and you're more able to compare todays events with earlier events, earlier discussions back when of what seemed to be going on and turned out to be entirely something else.

Still babbling.

Nice day out there, up in the high seventies, maybe just leave it at that.

Evening. My, my. The Brexit vote returns started showing a fifty-two to forty-eight percent tilt toward staying and ended up fifty-two to forty-eight for leaving and so Great Britain is leaving the European Union. People are upset for good reason, but upset for good reason doesn't necessarily lead to good reason, but we're well into IMHO here and it's best we stop. My, my.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.