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June 22, 2016

After Nine

Wednesday. Slept in until well after six this morning, having gotten to sleep not long after ten, and so we're assuming we won't be trying to catch up later with naps. Not a good assumption, but one we'll make. Something to say, if not to start the day, then start this entry.

A little stiff walking to breakfast. The muscles tight? Not from exercise, but from age? They were pretty much complaisant walking home, so maybe the change in temperature? Maybe it takes them longer to pull themselves together after a long night flat on our back?

Maybe best to just leave it at that.

Four tenths of a pound under one-fifty on the scale this morning, a bit jarring, and so a pork chop and all the rest for breakfast. The only stuff on the “to be avoided” list, if they're at all present, are in the various seasonings they use to cook the pork chop. A small pork chop, let's hope there are no ocular complications later. Maybe a decent sized salad for lunch.

Some low lying fog, but sun too and so, although they're saying a cooler day today (and I believe tomorrow), the sun will be out full tilt later. Nothing on the schedule, nothing I'm thinking I'd like to photograph other than a run to an ATM, but at least it's a guarantee we'll get out, if not about.

Later. A debate about whether I should walk over to the Lakeshore ATM or take a bus to the Broadway ATM as I was walking toward the bus stop and then taking the bus downtown to the Broadway ATM to then stand on the sidewalk in front of the bank debating which way to go. Lunch at one of the cafés back on Grand or a more adventuresome on to the City Center for a Caesar chicken salad?

For whatever reason I turned and walked to the City Center, taking two pictures at Latham Square to show some slight differences over yesterday's pictures, having forgotten they had a band playing on Wednesdays at noon and here it was noon. Which is good, except for the crowds.

The bagel shop was full, the City Center itself was packed and so I walked over to Peet's in the old APL building to find it too had all its tables taken. Their outside tables, anyway. My definition of full.

Back to the City Center down by the BART entrance to finally get a chicken Caesar salad and a diet Coke at the café where I'll often get coffee on the way to get a haircut (right next door) and eat it at an open outside table, finishing just in time to catch the bus across Broadway. Except the bus didn't arrive. My, my. A different bus the runs up Broadway, getting off at Grand and then walking home, tired. A good walk, but this tired business isn't a good sign. I've decided.

Evening. Pasta with red clam sauce for dinner, which reminded me as the evening went along that the last time I'd had it for dinner I'd experienced a dry mouth and other minor complications similar to the ones I was experiencing now. Hi, ho. We do repeatedly trip over the same feet, our own, that we've tripped over in the past.

And nothing ever gets done about it.

Must not be all that important. Either that or caution is melting away one thin layer at a time. Spent more time on the tablet than television in the living room. Lights out not long after nine.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.