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Here In Oakland

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June 27, 2015

Allow It

Saturday. To bed not long after eight to skip the tablet and get to sleep early, was the thought, although I seem to recall watching the clock turn ten. Still, awake at six, half an hour before the alarm, to get up, get ready and head out the door in pretty good shape. The morning overcast, but sun on the way. I say that not having looked at the weather report, but I'd be surprised if it didn't. Show up.

A walk back by the farmers market as they were setting up. The people who run these things remind me of the people I knew when I was just out of school and the army in San Francisco, people (the young ones, anyway) setting out on their own adventures, organic carrots and the like in their case, underground comix in mine. Different things, but the experience much the same.

Holds true for those who start out in investment banking, I suspect.

Another side of the same coin. I'll stick with rock and roll and underground magazines, though. No contest.

Later. No luck with taking a nap after posting yesterday's entry and so a walk over to the lake and then on to the ATM on Lakeshore. I'd thought to walk by the ATM on the way home from breakfast, but wasn't up for the additional mile it would add to the trip. Walking back, hurrying up to cross Lakeshore before the light changed, I ran into these two people sitting at card tables and took a photograph. Lyndon LaRouche. A dark name from the nation's weirder political past. He's alive? There are people who follow him still? In Oakland?

OK, cross the street, clear the head, back through the farmers market taking a picture at about the same place as I took one this morning walking back from breakfast and then on to the lake again to note the warning signs I'd missed walking in. I can't think anyone would swim, drink or fish in Lake Merritt. Well, maybe fish, although I don't remember ever seeing anyone with a pole or cutting bait.

Clouds and sun, the afternoon is starting well, we'll take another look at putting together an apartment house construction site section for the web unless we burn out. We won't burn out.



Later still. Two more Avévista apartment house sections up on the web sites. I process the photographs daily, but it still takes a fair amount of time to round them up, create the pages and the little “thumbnails” that link to the pictures. The LGBT Pride Parade is tomorrow and I suspect processing those pictures and then posting them to the web will burn me out on creating web sites for the while.

A pretty good attempt at a nap, but no sleep. Such is life.

Evening. Nothing on television and so to bed early (he said, quite sure he was right). The LGBT Pride Parade in the morning means I need to be at the 12th Street BART station for the first train at eight-twenty, the parade itself kicking off at ten-thirty. I could probably delay until the next train that arrives at eight-forty, but my inborn inability to ever arrive late on a date, I'm sure, won't allow it.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.