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Here In Oakland

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June 26, 2015


Friday. Lights out at eleven, awake at six half an hour before the alarm, up and out the door to walk to breakfast on another clear and sunny morning. They're saying cooler today, at least here along the coast. It's the east and south that get all the heat.

I timed leaving the café to catch the bus all the way to Broadway to then walk to the dealer's shop for the car. Again: clear, sun, a nice early morning temperature with an intermittent breeze. Felt just fine.

The car was ready and so back to the apartment. Probably nothing on the list for the day other than the usual pictures of the usual two construction sites and, I suspect, more time working on their web pages. I've decided to catch up on the apartment house site, post them daily. Again, signs of energy. Took the meds this morning. Feel good whether they're just a psychological placebo or the real thing, able to make the sinuses settle down.

Later. More tired than foggy was the thought, as I was riding the bus downtown and then taking the Latham Square pictures, blaming the lack of sleep last night on the tiredness rather than any failure of the morning meds. Particularly as a half an hour lying down on the bed later when I got home seemed to clear it up, so we'll continue with the meds.

Does it really matter? You haven't seen any side effects from taking the damned things every day for the last ten years. Why all this blather about meds?

It would just really be nice if they do clear this stuff up. I don't remember this weird fuzzy headed off kilter crap when I was taking them in the past and then decided to stop and take them only when the sinuses were really acting up. Of course the memory is no longer to be trusted. Maybe they worked back then, maybe not. Today the sinuses were fine and didn't add to the sleepiness or tiredness or whatever while walking downtown or during that brief period while passing the old Sears store and the Pterodactyls decided to strike.

Calm down. We give up.

Anyway, Latham Square pictures while checking the watch, as I wanted to catch the return bus back to the apartment house stop and take care of all the day's photographs in one outing. Waited on the bus. No bus. Checked the printed schedule posted at the stop and saw there was no eleven o'clock bus listed. Every other hour on the hour except for eleven. They made schedule changes two weeks ago, was this one?

So a walk to Grand and Webster to have a tuna fish sandwich at the Subway while waiting on the bus. I was hungry. The weight has been holding about pound under target lately instead of a pound or two over. Still surprised after a life time of being overweight by twenty to forty pounds. Still not quite sure why that was the choice, but you're able to look back for insights when you're retired and have time on your hands to remember and think. The strange combination of neuroses, stress and psychological tricks you used in your youth: what were they and why?

More drifting here, get back on track.

Caught the bus, got off at the apartment stop and took pictures, just like that. Started on another section of the Latham Square photographs after I'd processed todays pictures and so we're current.

Later still. Posted the Latham Square photographs and another section of the apartment house photographs. The attitude is good and getting better.

Evening. Another New Tricks this evening that I will undoubtedly find I've seen before followed by a Midsomer Murders repeat. We'll probably watch the Tricks, skip the Murders and go to sleep. Beep!

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.