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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 23, 2015

The Premises

Tuesday. Lights out at a decent hour, awake before the alarm, off to breakfast without complaint, the sun shining, the sky clear, a demonstration against solitary confinement coming up downtown starting at noon. Which is good. He said. Not altogether sure.

And why is that?

Because it's early and that's what came out when I hit the keys.

A good explanation of all these entries?

Don't go there. I've been thinking the same thing.

Later. I did take a standard dose of the pains meds when I got back from breakfast, remembering my semi-coherent decision to do so yesterday, and it may well be it worked as the head has been clear and the energy just fine throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

An eleven o'clock bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk to the Latham Square construction area to take today's pictures, thinking I'd walk on to the pharmacy to pick up another refill and see if there was any forming up activity for the solitary confinement demonstration going on across the street. It was eleven forty-five, fifteen minutes before the kickoff at noon, so you'd expect to see people about. There were no people about.

OK, a walk to the City Center to have a cinnamon roll and coffee out in front of the bagel shop, noting this fellow totally absorbed in his phone. I didn't quite catch the intensity of his concentration in the photograph, but it was on such a scale I wondered if his six- pack was maybe a bottle or two short. At least I took a photograph.

Walking back along Broadway at what was now a quarter past noon, there were still no people at the protest assembly site and so a walk to catch the free bus to Grand and sit comfortably in the shade for ten minutes to wait for the bus back home. Got off at the apartment house construction site to take pictures. I'd been thinking I wouldn't, as it was now quite warm to be walking in the sun in my turtle neck and light jacket, but again, the head was clear and the energy was good. The photographs worked out as I'd hoped, although it was during the noon hour and there were fewer workers about.

Alright, sitting here again back at the apartment, the sinuses seemingly now going south and so a second dose of the pain meds to see if it wouldn't turn whatever was happening around. Two doses in a day is the prescribed instruction, although I've been taking quite a bit less in these last few months. I now seem to be learning it's been a mistake to stop as the damned things do in fact work.

You talk about them enough to make one wonder if you're a pill freak.

Now, now. We're after a clear head, remember, even if talking about it means the reputation is shot.

Later still. Whatever drifting toward a less sympathetic set of late afternoon sinuses seems to have stopped after taking the meds and so maybe they really do work. We'll watch over them more closely this next week, see if it really works.

You don't believe it does?

An uneven history leading to doubt.

Another section up on the Latham Square construction site. I'm closer to current.

Evening. Tuesday nights are another television wasteland for yours truly and so to bed early again. Feel tired, but the good kind of tired, the want to go to sleep tired and so, checking to see who Charlie Rose is interviewing at eight and finding a conversation on golf less than compelling, I went to bed. Rather decisive, for so early in a week here in Oakland.

Put a cork in it, please. There are still rational people rattling about on the premises.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.