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June 22, 2015

The Tablet

Monday. Not bad: lights out just after ten, to sleep and a decent night's rest until just before the alarm was due to sound, awakening more than a bit groggy, starting slowly, but starting none the less with the mood lightening as the limbs started functioning on an overcast morning. No real danger signs, a decent ten minute walk to breakfast, the day starting with promise, but probably after a (brief) nap. Or whatever length nap that will keep the head straight.

Later. Slow this morning, but after a foggy hour's nap - not sure if there was any actual sleep involved - getting up to then run the weekly blood thinner test (the number looked good) before catching a downtown bus to photograph the Latham Square construction site.

So pictures on what was still an overcast morning and then a bus back to the apartment house construction site stop to take the usual set of pictures before having a muffin and coffee at a table in front of the café across the street, the sun making its first attempts to peep through the clouds. And so the morning has come and gone.

I did take a dose of the pain meds when I got back and they “seem” to have worked. They take an hour or so to kick in, if in fact they do “kick in”. I've never been sure how much they contribute to any relief that eventually appears, but I'm thinking of going back to taking them in the mornings before I set out for breakfast.

The aching sinuses always seem the larger part of the complaint, adding just enough additional grief to a day to slow it down, change it from a now and again distraction to a constant stream of grief. Complaints. So it would be nice if the meds actually worked.

It's one in the afternoon, the sky is clear, the sun is shining and (who knows?), maybe the clear sky and sun add more to the attitude than I understand. Still, much of the day ahead, we'll see what comes next. Not that we have any choice in the matter of course.

Later still. And so the mood and the head have been doing fine, the earlier morning funkiness gone, leading me to go over my internal list of things I'd like to do beyond getting up in the mornings, taking pictures of construction sites during the day and watching stuff on a tablet at night. Starting a project to modify the web pages to properly display on a tablet and a smart phone was today's set of thoughts. You know, adding more exciting stuff to the life.

Calm down. Next you'll be talking about starting a garden when you live in a place with no back yard. Maybe those meds you've been taking come with side effects.

I did put together another Latham Square section this afternoon for the web sites, another sign the energy is back. The recent Adobe upgrades, particularly of Dreamweaver, the software I use to create web pages, have gotten me to thinking again about recoding the web sites for new sections going forward.

The software is now better structured for this kind of coding, but I'll need to teach myself how to do it. Get the how-to books when they're available and actually read and study instead of just looking through them before putting them up on a shelf. There was a time when I read them through and learned.

Evening. Nothing on television again. Checked to see who was on Charlie Rose and then went to bed and the tablet.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.