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Here In Oakland

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June 15, 2014

Unusual Days

Sunday. To bed after nine, awake well before the alarm was due to sound to get up and head out for breakfast without a problem. Still some soreness, but better, otherwise I wouldn't have gone. A not overly large breakfast, but more to eat than I've eaten in any entire day since Wednesday, so I suspect that's good.

Back now on an overcast morning (they're saying sun later, but cooler too). I have no idea what I'll do. My horoscope (in one of the papers) suggested this was a good time to resolve any long standing issues and it struck a chord. Some things I've been letting slide through sloth. Wouldn't take much to turn them around. A benefit of this gall bladder adventure, straightening the course? Why not? Take the good that also come s with the bad, enough to get you off your duff.

What does that mean?

I may end up doing something really strange like cleaning the bathroom or vacationing in Hawaii.

Later. And so what have we done today now that we're entering the late afternoon? Pretty much nothing. Another short walk over to the lake to approach the shore as a large dog was walked by on a leash. The smaller dogs don't seem to bother the geese much, although they watch them closely, but the large dogs will cause them to flee toward the shore in waves. I didn't get the picture until I was closer and they'd turned around and started back after the dog had passed on by. Exciting, don't you think?

Now, now.

Anyway, home, passing by a parking meter head that had been removed as the next one in line had been removed and then the next. Ah. They're installing these. Happy I live nearby and don't need to park. The ones that print a tag that you then put on your dash are hassle enough in this life.

Back home to listen to the news, to lie down for a while (and listen to the news), to surf the web and allow the gurgling stomach to recover. Still sore, but slowly getting better, I suspect it will feel much better by tomorrow. For all my carping I am ultimately, after all, an optimist.

Nothing on television this evening, nothing I want to watch, anyway. To bed early is my guess.

Well, if true, that would be the first time you've guessed right.

Evening. A Swedish International Mystery series at nine that I believe I've seen before and so, still being up, started watching it. Interesting, the story line engaging, but I bailed before ten (it was a two hour program) and went to bed.

And for this you no doubt want a pat on the head.

What I really wanted was sleep. Tired, you understand, after these last few unusual days.

The photo up top was taken of the young Mr. T some nine years ago at a get together lunch with coworkers in Oakland with a Nikon D2X, probably mounted with a 17-55mm f/2.8 DX Nikkor lens.