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June 14, 2014

Automatic Pilot

Saturday. Progress in reducing the pain. Good. Always reminds you how good it was/is when you're cooking along without pain. The sinus-upper palate thing isn't pain, it's more an ache, a distraction. Still. Good. We'll leave it at that. It's seven in the morning, no driving over to have breakfast at the morning café, but I'm thinking probably tomorrow. (Add further iterations of “good” to end the thought.)

They finished laying down the blacktop and cleaning things up along the front street while I was in the hospital and it looked like (I didn't get all that good a look) they'd poured more cement over at the apartment house construction site. Don't know if I'll go out and look later, can't really tell how the day will play out. I was able to get three periods of sleep last night, three hours each, wasn't sure when I went to bed that I'd get any at all other than the usual doze off for an hour, awake, repeat and repeat. Didn't get much in the hospital. Hospitals are factories, no sleep in all that clamor.

Later. Ten o'clock. Better. More better. Wearing a new shirt and pair of pants that arrived while I was gone, Levi's with a thirty-one inch waist, an inch smaller than I've ever worn before and the shirt too a first, a small rather than a medium. They fit just fine. Makes a lot of pants and shirts hanging in the closet obsolete, but obviously no complaints. Can't remember being this thin since I was a kid. Which is good. For all the eating I've not been doing these last three days I haven't lost any weight and obviously haven't gained. Must be feeling better if this is what I'm thinking about.

Or you're just babbling. Probably the one time it's a good sign.

Later still. Mid-afternoon. Nice day out there. Still better after another nap where I indeed got more sleep. I'm now more certain I'll be in good enough shape to go out to breakfast tomorrow morning, but we'll see. Still not hungry, although I've eaten a couple of things today that I wasn't quite able to finish. They stressed before they let me go I should eat one way or another. OK. So far we'll say we're on target.

Evening. And so a walk over to the construction site to see they hadn't poured any cement, but are still laying out the rebar, probably a few more days before that's done. A picture of the newly paved/blacktopped street in front of our apartment. Nice to have missed out on that at least.

Except for the pictures.

Well, yes. We would have photographed them. Not something that needs saying.

A walk then over to the lake to find the Capoeira people having a picnic along with their practice, taking a couple of pictures just to fire the camera. All of a ten, maybe fifteen minute outing, but feels pretty good. We'll get to bed early I suspect, not because there's nothing on to watch on television (there isn't), but because it won't give me a choice. Sleep tonight. Nice. Automatic pilot.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.