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June 30, 2012

Then When?
Saturday. A bit hyper, last night, so it took a little longer to drop off to sleep. Up with the alarm and off to breakfast and back, the day again overcast much as it was yesterday. A foggy summer Bay Area morning, comfortable in its sameness.

Another hopeless screed awaited, when I got home, that took some time to edit before posting; at least the head seems clearer for the task in the early mornings. We'll see how the day goes, how the late morning goes, how the early afternoon goes. We are interested (as you may have noticed). This morning I think I'll just take a nap right about now, lie down for an hour, remembering I got to sleep later than I'd wanted, write it off to, again, feeling good last night (and a bit hyper). Hup. Then we'll see how the rest of the day unfolds.

Later. We can be a little more upbeat now that it's early afternoon. A walk along the lake after about an hour's nap, forgetting I'd been playing with the camera settings last night, shooting a picture in the living room at ISO 8000, wondering what the grain structure (noise in the picture) would be like.

I tell myself, when using the D3s, that an ISO of 6400 is no problem, a full stop better than the D3 at ISO 5000 and I've been hoping this new D4 will expand the range to 8000. And it seems it does, although what I'm calling a test is more akin to “wet your finger, hold it up to the wind” than something using, say, a thermometer.

But I wander. A picture of the geese having just been fed by a passerby, too late to catch all the commotion it caused, but forgetting the camera was set to last night's ISO 8000, the camera taking the picture at 1/8000th of a second attempting to keep the exposure in balance. Not bad, a little overexposed, but correctable in Lightroom. The camera settings may have been out of whack, but my head was certainly better. Still off in my own little bubble, but comfortably off in the bubble, none of the other symptoms to report.

Which, one would think, is an overly long way to say the late morning, early afternoon have gone well. A picture passing through the white columns as a walked on through the farmers market, passing by this bit of graffiti scribbled in chalk by the bus stop under the 580 overpass. Nicely done (last night?), a waste of effort and talent you'd think, although a number of people walking to the market must have seen it in passing, more so than had it been done someplace other.

Coffee and ice cream at the morning café, a walk back now to the apartment thinking to bookend the outing with another nap. Nothing wrong in a nap as long as the head remains in one piece. We can rationalize taking naps more easily than we can rationalize a funky head, eyes that don't align, vertigo and all the rest.

Later still. Another hour of almost sleep. Feel well enough now that I'm up, maybe take another walk, maybe stick around here to make a print or two as I haven't made any in a while and earlier, during lunch, the thought of trimming prints on the paper cutter seemed somehow soothing. Is that reason enough? Heat up the printer? Of course. Why otherwise would anyone make prints?

So, we'll see, a phrase we've used now daily for months, for years without correction or edit. Nice day out there, cool without being too cool, the sky clear, people shouting in the distance. I assume they're celebrating something or dancing by the lake and not marching on Moscow, Berlin or City Hall. (Be some pictures there if they were.) The mood is good, we're almost awake from the nap, there's still an afternoon mostly intact.

Evening. Watched the Saturday night Beck at six, playing along on the guitar, a good long session, the fingertips getting harder and peeling. Beck was its odd, Swedish characters with issues, self. Interesting treatment, more complicated and unsettling than those I've watched that are made here (on broadcast television). As I've said, you both like and dislike the characters. There are reasons for both. It would be interesting to write an episode, an exercise in exploring places I'd normally not want to go.

We wind up another decent evening following a pretty good day. Nice to be able to say that. Not sure what's happening tomorrow, the second day of a long weekend. I may visit one of the now running local county fairs. If I can't get it together to do it now, then when?

The photo up top was taken at the recent Lakeview School closing protest at the corner of Broadway and 14th Street with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.