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July 1, 2012

Screw It Up
Sunday. Slept in for close to an extra hour, off to breakfast then on another overcast morning, not quite as cool as it has been recently, back now after (again) editing yesterday's entry. What the hell? What's the difference between edited drivel and unedited drivel? A bruised ego, maybe, but more free time for naps and television.

Now, now.

Nothing on the schedule. I talked about going by a county fair so I'll at least check the web to see what, when and where. I'm not confident anything will come of this, but you never know, although you mostly know, given your own history.

Later. I did lie down listening to the radio for an hour drifting in and out of a kind of light headed sleep. Almost sleep. Seems to have done some good. We're hopeful.

A walk then along the lake passing by these capoeira dancers. And no, I don't know what capoeira is, a tradition perhaps out of Brazil from the shirts they were wearing and a sign I'd photographed yesterday), but Brazilian or Bengali, I took one or two pictures.

On to the morning café for ice cream and coffee (lunch) and then back to take another picture of the chalk graffiti under Highway 580, so far holding its own one day after I'd first found it, and then on to the white column pergola area again to photograph another smaller chalk graffiti image, somewhat worn after what is now a week since I watched it being drawn, before taking another photograph of the capoeira people. They do this every weekend, they do, and seem quite dedicated. I can still hear them now a quarter of a mile away and over an hour later here in the apartment.

Still overcast, although not unusually cool, could I possibly do something around here other than surf the web, listen to the news or practice guitar? Hang a picture? Any picture? Clean the bathroom? That's what you do on an overcast Sunday afternoon, is it not? Oh, right, baseball. You watch baseball. I forgot.

When did you ever watch baseball?

I have. I did. Long ago. Played it as a kid. It's the American game, nothing wrong with it.

Later again. I haven't hung any of the framed prints, but I did shoot some self portraits, something I haven't done in a while. Which is good as it's a (very) small indicator things have continued to go well: the sense of humor, if not the energy, is obviously better. Still overcast, but we're approaching six, so guitar now and maybe get to bed a little early if there's nothing too thrilling on television later to screw it up.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland City Hall May Day demonstrations with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.