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June 16, 2011

Choices Arise

Thursday. Up with the alarm after a decent night's sleep, to breakfast and back before starting the laundry which is winding up in the drier at the moment. Once it's done I'm out the door.

Later. A walk down the way to the morning café for a cookie and a Coke. A diet Coke. I wanted do drink something with bubbles, didn't need any of the rest. No inventories this morning, we've been in better shape, but the overall effect is to be tired, slow and not ready for much that may take place outside of a chair.

So I went back to the apartment taking one or two pictures, the weather again close to perfect. We'll play it by ear, this day: assume nothing, take it as it comes.

Later still. A walk toward mid-afternoon around the local area feeling quite a bit better. Clear headed, eyes working, attitude pretty good. Up and down, I guess. One or two pictures, one of another much younger photographer who seemed to be shooting just about everything she passed, which made me think of myself when I was starting out looking for whatever it was that had put a camera in my hand. An interesting period that will lead you to more or lead you to stop depending on luck often as not. Not unlike many things in this life I would guess.

A second photograph when passing a table outside one of the local cafés: “Hey take my picture!” Most of the people who go with the urge to ask as I'm passing with a camera in hand are either young and in a good mood at that moment or older, often street people, and almost all African American. I'm wondering if African Americans are the only people I'm passing with a sense of humor (and soul)? Could be, could be. Here in Oakland.

Evening. Dinner at five at the sushi place leading into a slightly fuzzed evening for the first couple of hours. Why did I do that? Just to get out of the house? Maybe, who knows, we'll think about that come tomorrow evening when the same set of choices arise.

The photograph was taken yesterday of a demonstration in front of the Wells Fargo bank at 11th and Broadway with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.