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June 15, 2011

Well Before Ten

Wednesday. A decent evening, last evening, listening to the old English white boy blues on DVD. Not quite what it was decades ago when it was first released, but a little wine and all went well. Of course there's always the next morning and my guitar lesson.

This is not to say I overdid it as I got to bed by half past ten, slept reasonably well except, perhaps, for the couple of times I got up to take a leak. Liquids, you know, they go right through you. Just gun shy in general is my guess, red wine on the list of things to avoid. Still, a decent breakfast, a few minutes to go over the upcoming lesson and then out the door and on the way on a warm and sunny morning.

The lesson went about as I'd guessed. The four finger stretch was wretched, but expected. I'll be doing many more before they're ready to see light. The new lesson, John Lennon's Imagine, sounds nice, the chords easy enough once I've practiced. Nothing new in the way of chords, just, you know, the combinations, the transitions need to be smooth and possibly on key. That kind of stuff. Nit picky, these people: play the chord so it sounds about right.

So back, the dry mouth in evidence (not uncommon in the mornings after breakfast). I wonder sometimes if it's what I'm eating, what it's cooked with or in, but this morning was a waffle (no butter or syrup) with a sliced banana and strawberries on top. What could be in that? I had an order of toast and a large cup of coffee. The coffee? Could be, could be.

Anyway, the day ahead. I'm thinking of going to L.A. with Mr. E on Saturday, hear Eric's band play an afternoon gig at an Irish festival and take in Scott's performance at a comedy club in the evening before driving back that night. Mr. E said the L.A. traffic made driving north after midnight the way to do it so we'll see. Deedle-dee-dee.

Later. A bus was coming as I approached my local bus stop so I got on board. I guess it had been decided I was going to walk around the downtown during a bright sunny noon hour. OK. Decision made.

Still, the dry mouth thing was with me starting as mentioned this morning, my heart not in the trip downtown. So a picture in a crowded City Center where an electric band was playing - sounded pretty good actually - a walk then to the corner where one of the service unions was conducting a small demonstration out in front of Wells Fargo.

A half hearted picture or two as I passed through them (you know it's iffy when I don't get into the pictures), a walk across the street checking the bus app on the smartphone (one was arriving across the street in one minute!). So I hopped a bus home.

No need to go on and on, an ocular migraine as I was lying in bed, a good full blown one where you become distracted and forget some of the basics: time, place, reality, life, death, the fate of the state. It passed, but the decision was to go to bed early, start reading a newly arrived book and get to sleep well before ten.

The photograph was taken of the smoke shop window next to the entrance to the Grand Lake theater with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.