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San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire.

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June 4, 2008

Thinking Out Loud
Wednesday. Well, two days of feeling nasty and now a morning, at least, where things seem better. The head is still weird, but no more weird than “normal”, so life continues. Fortunately.

Sitting with a notebook writing at a table now between California and Market near the Embarcadero, the result of catching a bus, going downtown and getting on a train to San Francisco. I needed to get out of the apartment, if only to test my wobbly sinus-headed status in a crowd, and to watch young women with wonderful legs walk on their way to wherever from a table.

It's clear I need to reinvent myself now that I'm retired, stop the flailing and get on with the project. I'm comfortable where I'm living, undoubtedly too comfortable as it provides too many ways to vegetate, drink alcoholic beverages and write increasing incoherent entries of early morning breakfasts and ever shorter walks, blaming the sinus-head thing on avoiding whatever opportunity it is that may come up.

So what are we talking about? What different? How different?

Well, this afternoon a post card arrived from the Peace Corps saying they needed people over 50 and they were giving a presentation on the skills they require this month at a local library. Over 50 doesn't mean they want people my age and my guess is I don't have any skills they need, but you never know. Would I consider the Peace Corps? Well again, I don't know, but my situation is such I could indeed hop on a plane and go somewhere I could be useful. With a camera. With a couple of cameras. And a cat. This head-sinus thing pretty much precludes it though.

So we scale back, look at other options. Life, after all, has many choices. Returning under the bay on the train I noticed one or two women I would have liked to photograph. I've talked about this in the past. I'd need a studio. I'd need to pay a fee for the sitting, but studios are available and the fees are minimal for say a portrait project that interested me. I'm don't think this head-sinus thing as it stands right now would allow it. What little I did in the studio two years ago (beginner sessions, but interesting and instructive) were hampered by the head-sinus thing back then. It's no better, maybe marginally worse now. Not a good bet maybe that it's going to clean itself up any time soon.

So? There are other options. Street photography, the occasional event or wedding. Photographs on web sites, I have web sites, I could make use of them. No complaints, just, you know, thinking out loud.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/1600th second, f 3.2, ISO 200.