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San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire.

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June 3, 2008

Too Much Excitement
Tuesday. So I didn't read a book last night, I went to bed around seven and went to sleep, awakening for about half an hour at one in the morning to turn off the computers and get back into bed sleeping until six-thirty with a half hour listening to the radio turned down low to come back up to consciousness. That's a lot of sleep. Have I mentioned the naps? I take naps when the urge strikes? Why so much sleep? Why the vertigo-like cobwebs associated with the sinus-head thing that's been bugging me now for these many years? All these questions early on a Tuesday. I think I'll take another nap.

Oh, a political dig I posted to Glenn Greenwald's blog on

John McCain in his ever more fevered rush to gain support by bending over for any and all comers in his Republican base reminds me of Hunter Thompson's description of Hubert Humphrey in his coverage of the 1972 primaries: "He's like an eighty year old woman who's just discovered speed." Life repeating art repeating life.

"Spy, lie, torture and shoot? Hell, I'll do all that and give you a nice bridge in your district to boot."

The context was McCain's changing his position on signing statements and warrantless surveillance. Six months ago he made it clear he was against any spying initiated by the President that violated law and against adding signing statements to bills that listed elements within the bill he wasn't going to implement and recently, pushed by elements within his party, he's flipped one hundred eighty degrees and he now entirely agrees with the Bush administration's position on both subjects. These are big issues with the civil liberties crowd, of which I am one, so I got a bit vitriolic. Applies at some level to anyone in any party who'd run for the job, I suspect, but it's one of my favorite Thompson quotes.

I wonder. I could see someone wanting their son or now daughter to be President, but would anyone want to see them run for President? Clinton doesn't strike me as an “eighty year old woman who's just discovered speed”, but more a hard nosed push it to the brink negotiator who one hopes is still in control. We'll know in the next couple of days if she'll take us into the abyss, but I'm hoping she's someone who pushes hard, plays tough and knows when to quit. If she'd done that from the beginning she'd be the candidate. Obama comes across as smart and cool headed not showing much of what's happening in his campaign behind the scenes. Some part of it is McCain's age in addition to the flip-flops, the “eighty year old woman” bit, but then again maybe it's how disappointed I am with the current administration, the direction they've taken and I've written off anyone who's associated with it.

Well, they are wrapping the last two Democratic primaries today in South Dakota and Montana. Probably no way you can keep your mouth shut.

Just like “an eighty year old woman who's just discovered speed”? A certain sexist element there, I would suspect, although I'm applying it to McCain rather than Clinton. Bill's another matter, but then he keeps saying he's not running.

So we'll judge as the day progresses. The sinus-head thing is getting out of whack. Maybe I really do go in for another round of tests if it gets any worse. Too much excitement for a Tuesday I think.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/640th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.