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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

June 29th, 2004

On The Road
For whatever reason, I had an urge to drop by PCB as I left work this afternoon. They were offering a series of Tuesday oyster specials: Blue Point this, Blue Point that. I had a half dozen Blue Point oysters with something called red wine vinaigrette. Half a dozen oysters go well with two glasses of Guinness Stout. I'm not sure it gave me an attitude or an altitude equal to that I occasionally find after a hot sake down the street at the sushi restaurant, but I walked to my car in a very good mood and drove home floating. The trick, of course, is to understand the concept "enough". "Enough" to get you floating, but more and you're chasing a butterfly with a hammer. Or something like that.

Lunch, a nice lunch with two ladies from work. I find I like having lunch with ladies from work. Makes me wonder why I've been a bachelor this long life (and, I have no doubt, will be a bachelor for the balance lest MS..., well, unless the world does a flip on its axis and down is no longer down.

All this on two Guinness Stouts?

That's what Guinness Stout is about.

Otherwise, up this morning at six thinking it was seven, getting to work at eight instead of nine. I suspect I can write all kinds of things here - hallucinations in the mornings, outrageous behavior in the afternoons - and the reaction is well, maybe he's a wacko and maybe he's not. But getting up an hour early, driving to work an hour early, getting into the office an hour early smacks of the serious, something, well, wrong. And I might think that too if the day hadn't gone so well; ending, as I mentioned, with Blue Points, the Guinness and floating on a cloud.

Swerving, one hopes, to avoid pedestrians.

I am most careful on the road.

The banner photograph was taken at the Gay Pride Parade Sunday in San Francisco with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.