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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
San Francisco Carnaval Parade

June 22nd, 2003

Not Today
A not so bad Saturday, yesterday, after that zombie walk on Friday. I walked down to Jack London Square with a camera (an extra lens, film, strobe, more film) in a backpack, picked up some vitamins, a prescription for an allergy inhaler, browsed the Oakland library book store, sat at a table outside of Barnes and Noble for a while in Jack London Square. No fairs, festivals or farmer's markets underway, so the area wasn't crowded. Made some notes for the Great American Short Story, notes that I will never re-read for a story that I will never write. Shot three or four photographs, came home and well, crawled into bed and read more of Sarah Vowell's Radio On (Journalist: "Didn't you have anything on?" Marilyn Monroe: "I had the radio on.")

Maybe this allergy inhaler will do the trick. The doctor said it would take a week or two to see results, but I was feeling, well, clearer headed, the ears popping, the sinuses less constricted. Will it reach the ear, the inner moi? Fucked if I know. Something is clearly affecting the sleep, though, I was up again twice last night so something is going on. Hope it's not apnea. Any way to connect it to swollen sinuses? Probably not. Sore muscles, sore because I slept on them wrong or sore for reasons more obscure? A hurtful comment, a lack of attention perhaps? Or affection? Who knows what makes a sinus sulk or a muscle sore?

One of the F5's is acting up, giving me an end of roll message when there's still film left in the camera. Not the first time I've had this error. I'll send it to Nikon for repair and cleaning, you're supposed to do this every couple of years, and I've been putting it off. The Gay Pride parade is next weekend, so I'll hang on and hope it makes it past the parade before it goes in a box back to Nikon. Plenty of excitement here at Proprietor Manor.

Also bought a ticket today to Portland for the end of July, beginning of August, a roomette on the Coast Starlight to see my mother and sister (and her family) and attend the family picnic in Seattle. No driving this time. Haven't bought a car, don't feel like renting a car, don't feel like much more than sitting back and watching the world roll by. Maybe get my old digital Coolpix fixed so I can post on the road. Something happened to the Coolpix, the color went weird and then I dropped it on the rug and it stopped altogether. It's older, a Coolpix 900, but it shot some nice photographs. Cheaper to spend a couple hundred to have it fixed than spend a lot more on something I won't use very much. My film fetish, you understand, it gets in the way of shooting digital.

You scan your film, you futz around in PhotoShop, you post them on the web. What's the difference? Why no digital?

One day. Not today.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade.