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San Francsico Carnaval parade.

June 13th, 2003

Copy of Adaptation
Friday, the 13th. Perhaps we should keep this short. Tired this morning, a tiredness I associate with the dizzy head, but a trip over to Costco, none the less, where I got my picture taken and affixed to my membership card, found two Goose down pillows and thought, well, if I'm going to stand in line for a long time for two pillows I might as well stand in line for a long time for two pillows and some other stuff - I mean, I'd driven all the way over, not so near, but not so far - so I bought kitty litter and soap and catsup and spaghetti and spaghetti sauce and, well, you know the trip.

Got out for less than half the $300 I suggested yesterday, but that was because I was able to fight off urges to buy four rather than two Goose Down pillows, (if they're good, I'll go back) or buy any of the assortment of very large bags of cheap deep fried eats (which I would have consumed at a sitting and ballooned back to my old weight), and, well, you know the trip.

Tired or not, getting off my duff and driving over to Costco is a good sign. I once bought a year's membership and didn't make it there during that entire year. The afternoon went well, cause the tiredness went away and I worked on artandlife and believe me, I need a certain level of normal headedness and energy to work on artandlife. The ears are ringing and the back of my head is aching now as I write, but this large bottle of Corona Extra cerveza I've opened should take care of that. And the doctor I'm listening to describing diagnosis in the doctor business on public radio at the moment is saying, well, except for the few cases of flesh eating bacteria and numerous failed organs, in his experience most of these things work themselves out. The ringing ears, for example. The neurologist was encouraged by any mention of ringing ears, said they were a sign it wasn't any of the rapidly fatal somethings so familiar to his practice.

Remember, you're keeping it short for Friday the 13th.

Ah, yes. Best to crawl under the covers now and watch this recently rented copy of Adaptation.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval parade.