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Blogger's Wednesday after work.

June 12th, 2003

Ready For Bed
This Thursday night may as well be Friday night, as I'm taking tomorrow off, a long weekend in the offing. The Costco card arrived in the mail today, so I may drive over to Richmond tomorrow to get the card activated, and, I don't know, buy a three year supply of something. I do not go to Costco very often, have not been to Costco very often, but I know the routine. You cannot get out the door for less than $300 and when you get home you'll never run down to the store again to buy a bar of soap or a box of detergent. Come to think of it, I need some pillows. I may need the new car just to carry it back.

The day, by the way, went well. The head is in pretty good shape. The three day weekends, I have another one planned for next week, are designed to get me out of the office and see if an extra no stress day of rest will further improve the head, to see if feeling better today after three days will stretch to six. How many times have I said this? "It got worse, but now it's better" (forever and ever)? Right now I feel pressure in the ears, but - hi, ho, shift gears - foolish thoughts these, no need to dwell on a long weekend. Kick back, drink the last jigger of Scotch and scratch Ms. Emmy on the stomach. Do they sell cat food at Costco? Alcohol?

Do bears shit in the woods?

Now, now. This is the right approach, though, spacy, thoughts straying, ready for bed.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland blogger's PCB get together.