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June 8th, 2003

Same Broken Record
Another overcast morning, just the touch of moisture in the air, a perfect Sunday morning to put your feet up and read the Sunday paper. I, naturally, walked down to the cafe, bought a paper and mixed the news into my internal dialogue, which had been ranging from questions (in the tub) of time (Weird particles passing weird particles in the constant chatter of quantum clocks.) to truth (In the internal dialogue world, the Internet world, the world of words and whispers – woo! woo! – what is truth?) to the question of waffle, two strips of bacon and eggs over easy. Questions of the morning, in other words, questions of the American Age, on a Sunday, here in Oakland.

The mood, as you may guess, has changed. The foggy Saturday has led to a reasonably coherent Sunday morning, thoughts of new projects and rejuvenating old projects bubble forth. If I didn't have this work thing so rudely interrupting my week I could get something done, the same something's I've been meaning to do for these last three years. Four years. Decade. (Internet truth is so accomodatingly plastic.)

An NPR program this morning was discussing the recent resignations of the executive and managing editors of The New York Times, suggesting these resignations would not have happened without online Blog discussions by ex Times staffers and related parties venting their displeasure with management and the malignant culture that had settled into their news room. Not unlike the IT culture at my own company, except I'm not aware of any online discussions hosted by former employees. Needs to be a former employee, of course. Or at least an employee who aspires to be a former employee.

The Blog discussions themselves didn't topple the two editors, but the reporting in the news media precipitated by the Blogger discussions did. An end run around barriers that would have held before the net. I think there's more coming. I hope there's more coming. Toppling management – newspaper management, corporate management, political management – compliments of the Internet. Probably like believing in the Tooth Fairy, but it's comforting to think, none the less.

Later. I guess this is, all in all, a good day. I didn't go back and reread any old entries (to see if they sound as lame as I suspect), but I did work on the Oakland Miscellaneous page on Art and Life. Perhaps one reason I've been putting it off, other than the things that have been going on this last year, is it forces me to review my work and the experience is upsetting. Technically, although my technique is improving, it's not very good, and the subjects, well, the subjects, the individual vision that produced the photographs leaves much to be desired. And that's depressing. And I don't need depressing. They really are just snapshots, expensive snapshots, taken by an unmotivated beginner.

It must be Sunday night.

Yeah, pretty close. The same broken record.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland blogger's PCB get together.