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Here In Oakland

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July 9, 2017


Sunday. Better today. Still a little funky, but definitely better after a decent night's sleep last night. Up and out the door to drive to breakfast with all three papers. Eggs Benedict again for breakfast, the half dose of pain meds again, the sinus-upper palate behaving. I think.

Yesterday's entry was a hash in that I'd stopped writing by early afternoon and had to piece a finish together before posting it this morning. Well, almost together. We'll look at it again one day to see. But not today. Or tomorrow either.

Spent the rest of the morning watching a Netflix Korean series on the tablet, all the while feeling hungry, but not in the mood for anything I could think of to eat until I thought about a cheese burger. Cheeseburger? When's the last time I wanted to eat, let alone ate, a cheeseburger?

Walked to the burger drive-in, picked up a cheese burger (no onions), brought it home and ate it right down. Just like that. Not something to bother commenting about without having had these last several years of little or no cheese or hamburger history.

The eyes had trouble bringing things into focus as I was walking, I'm assuming because I'd just spent two plus hours with my eyes focused right up close to the tablet and, once out the door, they'd had trouble adjusting. Not for the first time over these last several years. The ophthalmologists, at least, were never able to identify something more serious.

That's being rather blithe, don't you think?

Better blithe than blind.

We may have gone here from babble to gibberish. More like yesterday's writing, I'd say, than you're admitting.

Evening. Watched two episodes of Elementary that I've (of course) seen before. I really don't like their depiction of a damaged Holmes, particularly those episodes, as tonight's two episodes were set, in Holmes tracking down of nemesis Professor Moriarty and “The Woman” Irene Adler.

You have become an old fuddy duddy.

Sinuses still active, the eyes back to having trouble focusing in the distance after another session with the tablet. Maybe start watching this stuff in the living room on the larger screen. And get the eyes checked.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.