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July 19, 2016

An Option

Tuesday. Lights out well before ten to awaken at six on another overcast morning, wearing a winter jacket while walking to breakfast. Had a mushroom and Swiss cheese (light on the cheese) omelet with country potatoes, fruit cup, sourdough toast and coffee for breakfast. The Swiss (manufactured cheese food) is better than had I eaten cheddar, but still on the ocular migraine suspect list. After yesterday's clean day of eating lead to an episode, we're less focused on food in looking for culprits. Maybe just blow off all this obsession with it altogether. They come, yes, but they also go.

Anyway, a trip to the lab again this morning to get the damned Protime blood thinner test. Feel pretty good, so no complaints. Still overcast out there, just as it was yesterday through the early afternoon and so we'll bundle up before heading out to the lab.

Later. A bus to Broadway and the ATM on the way to the lab to have the blood drawn. So good. Done. A walk back to the apartment. Thought to stop at one or two places to have something to eat, but again, nothing pulled me off the path. Maybe later. Maybe not.

Sun came out after twelve. I'd worn a winter coat setting out, thought about adding a sweater under the coat, but decided against it. Best I had, as it became too warm as I was walking up the hill on the last block home. A good long walk. We'll get another one in tomorrow to buy two birthday cards needing to be sent out later this week instead of doing it today.

Later still. Went back and watched the section of the movie I'd been watching yesterday when the ocular migraine kicked in to see what really happened. Interesting. It was indeed as much different as I suspected.

Evening. The PBS channel starts broadcasting from the Republican convention at five and I, of course, dialed in to at least pay some attention as it played on in the background. PBS radio also carries it and so to bed early to lie down and, yes, listen on the radio, but then to turn it off and watch something on the tablet. Back and forth, most of the time spent with the tablet.

The Times has an article today listing the various likelihoods of Clinton or Trump carrying each and every state and California comes in at over ninety-nine percent in favor of Clinton. Trump's odds of winning less than one in a hundred. Which means I can cast a minor protest vote for the Green Party candidate, for that matter, write in Sanders. Odd to be so divorced in this way from an election.

You obsess about this?

I save my obsessions for photography and bitching about ocular migraines. If I were younger and had to look forward to many years of this sort of thing I'd do something to participate more than in just taking pictures at protest marches, but at this stage there's escape through the tablet, now that it seems alcohol is no longer an option.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.