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Here In Oakland

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July 18, 2016

This Night

Monday. Ten-thirty to bed. Well, you break the rules every now and again, daily in my case, so we broke the rule last night to awaken at quarter after six feeling OK. No complaints. Quite overcast on the walk to breakfast, the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries with the fruit cup and coffee this time, not taking chances of another ocular migraine. I have a haircut at eleven and need to go by the lab again for another Protime blood thinner test.

Still quite overcast and dark, walking home from breakfast, feeling a slight bit of moisture in the air, not water drops, but more an unseen mist that doesn't leave any liquid water on your face. Little pin pricks of wet. Should have worn a warmer jacket. A picture of one lone unfolding flower that I often photograph on the way home after breakfast. Whatever it is, it has a tougher time than the pandorea vine that's watered whenever it needs it. Its flowers look like exotic pastries molded into different shapes and colors with icing.

Later. A bus downtown to the haircut, arriving almost fifteen minutes early, to find there hadn't been anyone scheduled in front of me and so was able to get the haircut done and scoot out the door by twenty after eleven. So good. Shouldn't have any trouble making it to the lab before noon. They close for lunch between twelve-thirty and one-thirty and you have to get there ahead of time as there's always a line of people who've arrived ahead of you waiting.

Had luck catching a bus right away and so arrived at the lab by quarter of twelve to find they'd changed their lunch time to start at twelve noon and they were finishing up serving the people already there, but weren't serving any more arrivals. Ah, well. Tomorrow.

A bus to Grand and a walk home to the apartment to finish putting together the second section of Anime & Cosplay Festival pictures and post them to the web. These things take time and they don't seem to go any faster. Still, they're done, the afternoon is done and I'm done.

Evening. Lying on the bed watching a movie on the tablet when the actors and story line went weird all of a sudden. Your basic ocular migraine messing with the head while lying in bed and so, turn off the tablet and let it take its course, awakening after eight. Nothing that I've eaten today to blame it on. I'm thinking this may not be good.

I'd been listening (on and off) to the Republican convention with effort and wondering if I was going to have the same reaction to the Democratic Convention next week. The convention and the ocular migraine have conspired to decide us on turning out the lights well before ten this night.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.