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July 28, 2014

Before Nine

Monday. I realized I had seen the Swedish crime episode when I looked at it last night on the tablet, not remembering anything other than the first scene (the murder) and the fact I really didn't sympathize with the lead character and certainly didn't care to learn how he eventually snags the perp. They all seem to call them perps in American television, there's probably a similar Swedish word used in Swedish mysteries. You'd think. Well, OK, I'd think.

Anyway, saved from a late night of watching a miserable detective program, I went to sleep before ten. Life in the fast lane: sensible, responsible and a more than decent night's sleep.

Up slow as molasses with the alarm, but out the door in good time and feeling much better over breakfast. I've often wondered if it's because the food and the meds have kicked in by the time I'm ready to return home, this feeling better business. Overcast, cool, they're saying much warmer later, but a good start to a week. I won't babble on about what I've been thinking of accomplishing today or in the coming week as I suspect I'd be setting myself up for defeat.

As in?

Well, “accomplishments”. Could be anything from a good scrubbing of the bathtub to clearing out my storage locker over on the Alameda Naval Station. The attitude is good when the thinking is done, the result on the ground is most often zilch. So we'll babble on feeling no pain and enjoy the day, the start of a new week.

Later. The usual quick walk down and over to the apartment house construction site to see what they were up to. Not a lot of activity, two groups: one at the vehicle entrance to the garage opposite the base of my street and the other digging trenches along Grand for pipes. A single photograph from the Bellevue Street side just to have one, no progress that I could see going on there.

Back to the apartment to lie down, a nice journey into the semi-conscious realm, up then to, well, read my various news sources on the web. Nothing you could call accomplishment, but then we've talked about that.

Still, feel good, a walk out over to the lake and back in the early afternoon thinking maybe I'd get something for lunch, but decided I wasn't hungry and returned without taking a single photograph. But again, reasonably clear headed, feeling good. Better to feel good without any particular ambitions than feeling bad with whatever else. I'd say.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now while futzing along on the guitar, then Death In Paradise afterward at seven, a short look at a Korean soap that's way too saccharine for human consumption. Now it's eight, nothing on later, and so to bed. I'm tired and I'm going to see if I can go to bed and not pick up a tablet or a magazine, ride this feeling tired before nine thing right into a long night's sleep.

The photo up top was taken yesterday, some two hours after the “We Are All Gaza” march had set out, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.