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July 27, 2014

If You Don't

Sunday. As mentioned, I did bring up Maria Wern on the tablet last night, but realized it was one I'd seen before. I could have watched it again to remember who'd done what to whom, something I'd then forget in a month. A week. But I was tired and so went to sleep. Best decision of the day, I'd say. If you asked.

Up about twenty minutes later than usual, no need to set the alarm on a meter free Sunday, off to breakfast on an overcast morning, the wind having brought in the fog overnight and so it was cool (and nice). Plowed through the three papers over breakfast and then back home, the clouds breaking up.

They're running the San Francisco Marathon today, something I usually don't photograph because the starting times take place well before the first train sets out from Oakland. There's actually still people to be photographed down on Market and Embarcadero, even at the later time, but after a first attempt many years ago I stopped going. Quite a spectacle if you're there at the right places and at the right times.

I suspect you're blowing some smoke in there to rationalize your absence.

Maybe so, maybe so. One or two things going on today, a Sunday Streets on Telegraph in Berkeley, maybe we'll attend. I need the photographs. Want the photographs, just didn't want the S.F. Marathon photographs for reasons I suspect I don't understand.

Later. No real thought to go anywhere to take pictures, even to the Sunday Streets on Telegraph in Berkeley, although the trip would have been easy enough, a couple of short bus rides. A walk over to the lake finally to see what the “We Are All Gaza” march might look like when it formed up, something I'd found on the web earlier taking off just across the street. Unfortunately I took along a camera with the 24-70mm lens and didn't bring one with the 70-200, as it turned out to be a larger gathering than I'd imagined and needed the full kit.

Anyway pictures. To be honest I didn't feel clear enough or energetic enough to follow them when they set out, hadn't brought the right equipment (as I've said) and felt the need to go back to the apartment and, what? Well, work on the pictures, as that's what I did, but I am seeing how much less active (and clear headed) I've become over these last two or so years. I hope this is but a phase, but it's been going on now for a while. Can't blame it on gall bladders or whatever else that's happened in these last years.

Do you even remember what was going on in just this last year?

Well, I suppose I could look it up here.

Evening. Into the evening feeling better. How many times have I said/felt that? I suspect I really do, the head seems clear, no longer fighting in any way the idea of heading outside, for example, a short walk earlier in the late afternoon along the lake. No pictures, but an interesting sunny afternoon, What sounded to my untrained ear to be African drums going at it near the white columns, the drummers really into it, people walking/running/sunning all over the place, all on a Sunday afternoon by the lake in the city.

Nothing on television until nine when there's another Swedish thing I don't think I've seen or heard of before. It runs three hours. I hope I don't watch it all, but I'll at least dial in on the tablet in bed, see if it draws me in. Staying up til midnight is not the best idea I've had since breakfast, but at this stage one might say any ideas that come to you at all are to be appreciated.

You're babbling.

I'm ready to continue on the guitar. I've had a decent session in the later afternoon, but need to add more before the day is done. The guitar won't forgive if you don't give it your time.

The photo up top was taken today by Lake Merritt at a “We Are All Gaza” demonstration with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.