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July 24, 2014

Long Day Tomorrow

Thursday. For some reason I didn't set the alarm, even though I'd watched some of the International Mystery feature last night and knew I had to be up on time to eat breakfast and get to my guitar lesson at nine. Nicolas Le Floch, a set in the eighteenth century drama where the detective works for the king. Actually half-way interesting, but I was tired and bailed before ten. Still, no alarm?

Even with the slip, awake at ten after six, no great loss, off to breakfast feeling hungry and tired. Hungry is good if it tells you what you want to eat, less good if you're hungry and can't think of anything you want to even try. Odd anyway. Still, a waffle with fruit with the side cup of more fruit, an order of toast and coffee. When you have your guitar lesson coming up at nine you need to be fortified.

Bottom line: got home, grabbed a bus, had the lesson (it went well), came home right away on another bus and got off a stop early again to take pictures of the construction site as I was returning to the apartment. I'd debated whether or not to get off and shoot pictures, hot out there, heavy guitar, but I did and they turned out well enough to decide the effort was worth it. Progress on the construction site.

Later. A walk to lunch at the usual place: a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and lemonade out at a table under an umbrella out of the sun. Hungry and this is what appealed. No complaints, although I really wanted to take a bus home instead of walking. It was both sunny and quite warm (eighty-two degrees, humidity 60%), too warm for walking. For me walking.

Tired, as mentioned, but not able to sleep. Maybe I haven't tried hard enough, maybe if I were to bring the fan into the bedroom, see if that doesn't help.

Later still. It helped. Three hours in bed, some two hours of sleep. Woke up more than a little surprised. Late afternoon, now, still warm, bright sun. We'll turn on the news, unpack the guitar and see if we can't get in a little practice before we crash and go to bed. Again.

Evening. There is some television on I'm usually able to watch this evening and Unit One is playing at nine on the International Mystery hour. After a long warm day and now what appears to be a long warm evening, they're saying tomorrow will be much warmer. Generally we can count on a warm spring followed by a cooler summer that leads us into a warm fall with the exception of one week to ten days of hot summer weather in, well, July. Or was that when I lived in Napa? It all becomes confusing after a while.

Let's hope Unit One leaves us dry, lets us switch off the tablet and get to sleep early. Not allow the sleep I got today go to waste and make for a too long day tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at J-Pop on Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.