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July 23, 2014

Last Long

Wednesday. Again, to bed early, good for us. Up with the alarm (the morning overcast, what else?) and off to breakfast to read the papers in some detail as the world seems to be falling apart in so many ways and places. Why this has always absorbed me to some degree I'm not sure.

Is there a way I could participate in a writing/photography way in some aspect of the current political mess that fires my interest? I'm obviously not going to buy a ticket to the Middle East, but something local where I could contribute something of use? Given my scatterbrained condition? Given what I'm assuming is my scatterbrained condition, the thought sometimes occurring to me I could be using it to hide behind? Just a thought. They occasionally happen, thoughts.

You could start with something more simple and realistic like getting the apartment in better order. Hang and frame the pictures properly. Use the vacuum cleaner. Scrub the tub.

Let's not say anything too sensible this early in the morning.

Mr. W's birthday is this Friday, so a card dropped into the mailbox while at breakfast. Should have done something more clever with it. Hard to pick out a card for an artist that doesn't make you look like an idiot, particularly an underground artist known for breaking all the old conventions. Like trying to find a t-shirt making a clever political statement. How to find one that doesn't advertise you as an idiot? Ah, well. If we're both still around in another year I'll work something out.

Later. A walk to take the usual pictures of at the construction site. Leftover cement? Anyway, two or three pictures and a breath of fresh (overcast) air in the mid-morning makes for a better start.

A nap, actual sleep, more time on the computer going through the usual web sites, another try at a nap. Not overly ambitious even I would have to say. I'd thought, after yesterday's blood thinner reading, that I'd at least go downtown for some broccoli. No urge whatsoever to go downtown for broccoli. No word from the doctor on going to the lab either. No news is good news probably doesn't apply.

Evening. Little or nothing on television, but some time on the guitar going through the opening sequence of Fortunate Son, by Creedence Clearwater Revival. A simple sequence, but over and over and over. They don't mention the secret to learning guitar is “over and over and over”, the more the better, the faster you learn. Well, what am I saying? It's the rule for learning any skill. If you don't cotton to “over and over” you don't last long.

The photo up top was taken at J-Pop on Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.