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July 27, 2012

I'm Due
Friday. Up this time just before seven, out the door to have another one of these “complimentary” breakfasts (which wasn't bad: cereal, yogurt, banana and coffee - a bunch of other stuff to include waffles, eggs, bacon and the rest if you wanted it), off and onto the road at seven-thirty. Hup!

And so, up the highway for another how many miles? Two hundred and ten the first day, two hundred and eighty five the second, four hundred and ninety five in total. I usually say seven hundred miles on the coast route, so it's seven-thirty now, maybe arrive at my sister's around noon?

One o'clock. The trip odometer says exactly seven hundred miles. My, my. Subtracting a mile or so for the (few) times I pulled off the road to take a picture probably makes it somewhat less, but almost a little scary to see exactly seven hundred on the display. Oh, well.

A decent trip. It rained last night as the car was wet when I awoke and there was a very light rain and quite a bit of fog on the drive. Not the greatest weather for photographs, although it can also allow the occasional dramatic picture. So no excuses, I shot some pictures driving up that I have to figure out how to process in Photoshop and post when I get to Lake Oswego.

You are in Lake Oswego

Oh, right. Noon. My sister was home (I should have called ahead an hour before I arrived, but I hadn't), so we said hello and got down to the important things: how Photoshop hadn't loaded properly on her computer when she'd recently upgraded her old computer, how I'd set out with a laptop that wouldn't display photographs in Photoshop and how our various lives had been going since the last time I'd been up (not good to allow a year and a half to elapse). You'll notice the order in which the topics are listed. I'm not really exaggerating all that much. Two photographers, you know.

To make a long story short I fixed my Photoshop problem (by turning off the graphics card processor in the Photoshop setup menu, no need to do anything in the BIOS), and loaded Photoshop on my sister's computer so that it worked properly. A call to my service provider's help desk and they emailed me my password and FTP settings.

I'm the only one who knows my old techie creds were tarnished in failing to figure out the Photoshop problem on my laptop, but fortunately, as you're aware, I keep my mouth shut about such things and will never tell.

Probably time to stop this nonsense and settle down.

I suspect. A good night's sleep tonight, I think. I'm due.

The photo up top was taken at the Obama Fox theater fund raising demonstration Monday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.