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San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade.

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July 13, 2009

Proven Empty
Monday. Up quite early, breakfast quite early, remembering, as I finished, I was overdue for a blood test and so I drove straight to the lab, out of the lab at eight just as the meters started running, not a parking meter person in sight. Up quite early translates to five this morning, why I don't know. I didn't get to sleep until after eleven, is this the fabled lack of sleep you're supposed to see when you get old? I suspect so. A nap late yesterday afternoon, of course, for about an hour, an hour and a half. I suppose that could be the culprit, the nap a result of a brush with that “hallucinatory” episode I've described a couple of times in the past. A nap clears it right up, but it seems to come about once a week at about the same time, five or six in the late afternoon or early evening. One hopes this does not become a habit.

And if it does you'll do what?

Pull the covers up.

Lunch later with some of the old office crew at a Korean restaurant that has been a favorite for some time. The food seems authentic, from what I remember of Korea in the late sixties, late sixties Korea totally unrecognizable, I assume, in modern Korea today. I wonder what my old yobo is up to these days, if she's still alive. I hope she is, alive and well, grand kids running all around. But Korea's a long way away, even in the internet age, and “since the late sixties” is a long time.

The New York Times had a story about Goldman Sachs in their business section today saying each of their twenty-eight thousand employees would receive an average of six hundred thousand dollars in income and bonuses this year. That's grotesque. This is the same Goldman Sachs most of the people at the Treasury and the Fed worked for in senior positions prior to putting the bailout together, the same Goldman Sachs that benefited so greatly from the ocean of money we literally gave them without strings attached, the same Goldman Sachs who's been taking advantage of recent law to borrow money from the Federal Reserve in amounts they and the government won't disclose.

Cheap money (our money) lent (bet) at high risk leading to six hundred thousand dollars each for twenty eight thousand people? A year after the markets fell apart? I mention this because I don't believe it will cause a stir anywhere in the electorate. Not a ripple. Some of the blogs, Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory on Salon, for example, go over this in great detail, but I suspect he and the rest of the bloggers believe we'll just blink, maybe once, our faces blank. Hooray for Goldman Sachs, I guess. Too bad for everyone else.

You're drifting into politics again.

Too much time on my hands, too many hours reading too many newspapers over breakfast, my assumption being best to read them now, though, while they're still in business. They'll all be gone soon enough, of course, and no one will give this sort of thing a second thought. I should rejoice as the lack of any news will undoubtedly lower my blood pressure by more than a few points.

Later. A bus ride downtown, a bus ride back. Lunch at the Seoul House, a Korean restaurant that serves reasonably authentic Korean food and we all ate a bunch. Well, a bunch for me anymore, what with my seemingly ongoing lack of appetite. Back now, the sun bright, the temperature just a little warm, warm enough to have the fan on and be happy I don't live anywhere over the hills, some ten or so miles to the east, where people are undoubtedly dying in the heat.

Later still. I lay down for about an hour, some of that time sleeping, hard to tell, up to watch the news before walking down the way to the local sew & vac shop to see what they had in the way of spot removers for rugs. Sitting here now with a large bottle of something or other, just add water, a lot of water, and clever little bacteria will eat away at whatever stains your cat may have created. The rather attractive lady in the store (who mentioned three cats of her own) said take a wet wash cloth, add some of this swell stuff in the bottle and scrub. Magic. I'm tempted to never try it lest all her promises are proven empty on a Monday afternoon.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/500 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.