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San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade.

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July 12, 2009

This Far Along
Pisces (February 18 - March 19): With Mars and Venus adding sugar and spice to your gingerbread house, expect major tweaking. She's the decorator, he the mover-shaker. Jupiter stands by as adviser par excellence. The end result can land you in Architectural Digest. Another possibility -- are you ready for this? -- is a home wedding.

Sunday. I do go on, do I not? Still, hard to live life in the fast lane if you don't write it down in all its exciting detail. Just describing breakfast can be a daunting task, here in Oakland.

Might we start over on a note of sanity?

Of course. We are, after all, civilized individuals.

Back from breakfast an hour later than is my habit, the Chronicle and the Oakland Tribune under my arm. I signed up for the Tribune at one of the tables they put up in the area advertising a year's subscription for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars. Daily for a year for twenty dollars? It seems, um, a bit desperate. Anyway, with two Sunday papers under my arm I wasn't able to finish reading them before I finished breakfast, so they're sitting on a chair beside me now, put there with every expectation I'll get back to them and finish what I started. Except I won't. The “silly me” aspects of my life would be astounding if I had the imagination and maybe the memory needed to remember them.

The day is clear, the sun is shining, the weather is, well, wonderful. I had some thought of going to the Alameda County Fair later this afternoon and maybe I will. It does depend on the state of my head at that hour and maybe the barometric pressure. Hard to know. I think the phase of the moon comes in somewhere as well.

The horoscope? I cut and pasted it from the Chronicle web site. The Pisces prediction in the paper didn't include that last sentence ending in "a home wedding" but what got my attention was “home decorator”, “mover-shaker”, what with all my moving this and shaking that recently in the kitchen. I could make progress with not all that much more effort in the kitchen and the bedroom and what was once a living room but is now a storage area for used photographic equipment. Well, that, a chair and a flat panel television. Maybe skip the Alameda Fair this afternoon, see what progress I can make. The fair runs through the coming week, I believe, make it a celebratory prize, perhaps, to reward an unlikely effort.

I'm supposed to say something here?

You're dumb struck because you know I might be serious.

Later. I think we can write the Alameda Fair off for the afternoon. A walk downtown to sit on the patio outside Peet's and drink a cup of coffee while watching the heart of Oakland beat on a Sunday morning. Quiet, not so many people, but the question might be asked what in the hell am I doing? Watching? You're watching? You can't come up with something better on a Sunday morning?

Well, I wasn't there paying attention to my pictures, camera over the shoulder or no, third eye pretty obviously closed. I walked about half the way back before hopping a bus that let me out beside the lake and now I'm sitting here at the computer thinking, well, I worked the rugs over this morning, removing many of the spots, why not get the vacuum cleaner out? Doesn't that add to the Sunday morning wonder? I would think.

Just the thought of pulling out the vacuum, by the way, has Emmy Cat concerned. I suspect it's no news that vacuum cleaners like fireworks are the devil's work for small animals in an apartment. But, you know, there comes a time and the time, I guess, is now. Close the bedroom door, close the living room door and she will, as she has in the past, survive.

I believe you about the pictures.

I was ready if the brain had started to function. Takes a while, sometimes, for the brain to start to function. Could have been the sake last night, could have been the coffee this morning. At least the cameras are relatively heavy and add to the exercise.

Later still. Thinking about my walk downtown, a walk like many of my walks, like many of my cups of coffee on that particular unexceptional patio: why would I actually want to live down there, buy a condo? So I can more conveniently walk to Peet's on a Sunday morning? Really? And then take a bus instead of being able to walk to breakfast at my morning café? Really? Can it be the energy is coming back in the nick of time, energy to get me up and out, looking around? We have another lunch scheduled tomorrow, our traditional day for such lunches until the office shuts down. The rest of the week is then available. To do what? Look around?

You're totally incoherent.

Doesn't matter. Nobody in their right mind has read this far along.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/400 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.