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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
San Francisco Carnaval Parade

July 23rd, 2003

Spin The Bottle
A good Wednesday. Lunch with MRJ at Happy Burrito. He seems alive and well, in good spirits, in a wheelchair, but then, two broken legs will do that, pins here, pins there, but coming along fine. I realize you have to have been following this journal like a leech to understand any of this. Or work for the company and I don't think anyone who works for the company is reading along. Boredom, rather than any lack of knowledge of its existence.

I say a good Wednesday because I was thinking about a friend last night who took a job in San Francisco recently, thinking, well, if she can do it, why cannot I? One reason, of course, is I can't think where I'd like to go and what I'd like to do, the what I'd like to do being the operative factor. Then it came to me - boing! - and the body reacted - boing! - and I thought wow!, I could do that, and so today took an up beat, the head cleared, the outlook improved. I know, I know, what was I thinking, but I'll hold that for now and describe it later when I've made the move. Or I'll lose interest, as I've lost interest in so many other things, and not say a word. This, however, is good, this is the way to get me unstuck and I've been stuck for a very long time (the car is just one symptom). We'll see what we'll see, deedle-dee-dee, he said to the world with not a clue.

Some of us worry about you, you know. You're too old to be such a ding-a-ling.

It's the old freak ethic, my friend. "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now". Probably not a band everyone remembers fondly or remembers at all, but it was a thought that made the rounds back in the late sixties and early seventies. Lighten up, too much gravitas will make you sink to the bottom. Bullets can have a similar effect, so have another hit and spin the bottle.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval parade.