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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
San Francisco Carnaval Parade

July 22nd, 2003

Such Is Life
I shot some photographs at an office party Monday, black and white, strobe lit, all of them underexposed. My fault. Nasty way to end a day. Mumble. Mumble twice because I'm not sure that I'll get around to doing anything about it.

I put together another page of Carnaval photographs, muttering to myself as I proceeded "why didn't I do this, why didn't I do that" and I'm thinking enough is enough. We'll do a little testing to take care of this black and white business with a strobe and we'll look over the Carnaval stuff and wave a magic wand to make them all better and then we'll have a drink and think about not buying a car, even though the current model is still dead as a door nail in the basement garage. Then maybe I'll have another drink. I am much too negative. I need to go out and buy some clothes, buy a car, skip the studio lights and feel better. I need, I need, I need. Not good to write this down. You go back and see yourself in ways you'd rather not. Then again, not being overly embarrassed about it, why not?

I did some stuff. Left a message for the doctor about the sleep test, all this waking up at night has me excited, moved the 401k into something more balanced and conservative (as befits an old fart) and walked into work this morning muttering, yes, but walking none the less. The days are long, I don't have enough time to write, maybe I don't have enough brain cells left to write, but such is life, such is life.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval parade.