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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

July 13th, 2003

Need To See It
I booted my Linux firewall today and opened the manual, stumbling over one of the minor reasons I've been putting this whole project off, the machine being new enough so the built in video chip doesn't have a Linux driver yet and the lower half of the screen is all scrunched up and weird (and hard to read). This means two things: One, that I really am feeling better and getting some energy back and, two; I'm crazier than a hoot owl. Not a bad day to be crazier than a hoot owl, here by the lake, in Oakland, and this driver thing, well, we can look for one up on the web later, can we not, there may be one that's been posted by now, and, if not, well, there's a day outside where diversions abound.

So, a good day with a clear head. Took me forever to fall asleep last night and I'd worry about that if there hadn't been what looked to be a full moon outside. Yes, the natives get restless during a full moon, the moon of our ancestors, the moon that rose over the jungle in the good old days before my nearer relatives decided to migrate to Iceland. What kind of madness happens under a full moon in Iceland? Whatever it is, I figure they do it inside, all snug and warm under a pile of thermal blankets next to a fire. We're not altogether clear on these things here in California.

I caught the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday on the way home from the post office. I'd read the review in the Chronicle thinking, well, Depp, I need to see the latest Depp even if it is a mindless big budget special effects parrots and pirates Disney-esque middle of summer movie for kids. Turns out Disney did make it (hi, ho, best I didn't know that). Big budget, big effects, no blood (or breasts), but Depp, heavily medicated in weird assed kinky eye liner, played a full tilt boogy Pirate and carried it off. Something to wait for and watch on DVD with the kids, maybe, gather around the dogs and the cats, the next door neighbors, invite a crowd, break bread, drown it down in convivial chatter and alcohol.

So what are you saying?

Well, if you like Depp, you'll eventually need to see it.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.