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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

July 12th, 2003

That I Won't
Ah, décolletage. One never grows tired of décolletage unless one is dead. Or older than I care to grow. Some things you hope remain constant and one of those is choosing to run a photograph as much for the décolletage as any glimpse of another world in a woman's eyes. In a woman's sunglasses. Sigh. Black leather on white skin is a photographic challenge. A reason to buy the next generation of film scanners as they handle a broader tonal range, dark to light, light to dark. One wants to handle a broader tonal range, on a Saturday, in Oakland.

The sun bright, the day starting well. I woke up three times last night (to take a pee), so I guess I still need the sleep test. One does not wake up to take a pee. One wakes up for other reasons and then notices he needs to take a pee. I have this on good authority, although good authority and a dollar will get you but a cup of coffee in a motel coffee shop. I have aches and pains that start when I lie down and go away when I get up. They're supposed to go away when you lie down, right? That's why you lie down. But we'll worry if need be after the test. Since I've been experiencing these aches and pains for the last three years, I assume whatever causes them isn't on the list of Dread Things That Happen. Dread Things That Happen don't dawdle. Three years and they've long finished settling your estate.

You know ya gotta stop this stuff.

Yes, yes.

Walking to breakfast I was thinking, well, what was I thinking? I was thinking, as I was thinking about whatever I was thinking, that I'd better stop right there, on the sidewalk, and write it all down in the small notebook I carry precisely for this purpose, but, you know, I was hungry and the cafe was just up the way and I'd remember my thoughts - would I not? they being so vivid and all - and, well, here we are, later at the computer, clueless. Which is no surprise. Maybe I'll remember, maybe I won't, but if I do we'd better flip a coin. Heads I'll think to write it down, tails I won't. A tale that ends with a tail (that I won't).

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.