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Under Construction
Dykes on Bikes, SF Gay Pride Parade

July 28th, 2002

Much Later
Morning. I have one undeveloped roll of color from the family party that will go in Monday. With any luck I got a decent shot of Rebecca hugging her beach ball, due now in another four weeks, sitting in a lawn chair looking out with some discomfort over Puget Sound (I detect Polly-esque elements in her demeanor). The next wave of crumb snatchers is on its way, everybody gets bumped a notch. Here, approaching the precipice, this knowledge is more enlightening than heart warming.

Rebecca does underwater photography with an F4, twenty rolls a week off shore in the Hawaiian Islands. Her comment that it was best to not get near her when she was shooting I understood immediately. Best not to get too close to me either. Not much to show of the party, though, one roll of color, another black and white. Sometimes (he said) its best to attend a family gathering and actually talk with rather than shoot your relatives. I'll post the color when it's available.

I'm doing the laundry this morning. I suggested yesterday the energy had come back, and it has, but it takes, you know, time to get these things rolling. The desk. Well, the desk will maybe get a going over later this afternoon. Often better to clean up your desk later in the afternoon. Much later.

The banner photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.