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January 9, 2017


Monday. To bed early and to sleep early last night, the sinuses and such making the day not all that wonderful, better to end it sooner than later. Awoke this morning at five-thirty after a good long night's rest. I guess. Up easily enough to drive to the Lakeshore ATM and then to breakfast, anyway, the rain having stopped. They're saying it will start again later today or this evening and then tomorrow will bring in another storm.

More forgetful these last few days than I've been in a while. Forgetting what day it is, taking the wrong meds on Sunday, for example, thinking it was Monday. Preparing to do the laundry when I got back from breakfast this morning, thinking it was Tuesday (my day of the week to do laundry). Other minor lapses, none of them all that troubling, unless it continues.

No jury duty first thing this morning. We'll check the web site between eleven and noon to see if they're canceling my group altogether as they've consistently done in these last many years. Best outcome for me, I'm thinking, if only for the weather.

Later. The two numbered jury groups prior to mine were called up to come in this afternoon, but not mine, and so I've dodged another call to jury duty. Not sure they want someone on their juries who can't always figure out what day it is.

A better day today than these last couple of days, though. Feel better, anyway. A walk to the bus stop, deciding I didn't want to take the bus just as it came around the corner, and so walked on to the café near the fitness center for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. Cold out there, yes, but the sun is getting through the clouds now and again and I'd had some thought about going downtown until I met the bus and then didn't. Ah, well.

What's causing this?

Could be depression, although I don't feel much of any of the other symptoms it tends to bring along with it. Unless I'm kidding myself. Thoughts of walking with a camera after having one stolen last year, augmented by everything you/I read in the local press about thefts in the neighborhood could be a factor. The local neighborhood NextDoor app lists a stopped on the sidewalk and robbed story or three every week. Can't be good for your psyche to read such things.

It's noon, let's see what we can report here in a couple of more hours. Something different and a little more upbeat?

Later still. I did finally remember a new episode of Elementary had played last night at ten and so watched it on the tablet before heading out the door to walk to the lake. It was cold and so walked right back to the apartment. So much for innovation this Monday afternoon.

Scanned the two photographs of Dave Sheridan I used up above that were taken in San Francisco in the early 70's at the Rip Off Press. My early photographic days when I had yet to understand my particular bent. It's there in some of the photographs, the candid portraits, but many are, to put it gently: “experiments”. It's the road everyone travels, some take longer to find it than others, but it would have been nice if I'd traveled along sooner (by thirty or forty years).

Hi, ho.

Evening. Still a better day than many another recently. Maybe try turning the lights out at eight into a habit.

Moved the DVD's into the new storage shelf, the one I was thinking matched earlier shelves I'd ordered in the past for CD's. Still don't have anywhere to put it, the DVD model, but I've at least freed up other shelf areas in the living room. We may find a space for the thing yet. Checked the earlier models I'd gotten for the CD's on their web site and discovered the prices have gone up in these last six years. We'll let that sink in for a while before we check the site again.

You don't really play CD's anymore. Why do you need storage?

There are so many things I do, but don't follow through on anymore.

The photo up top was taken of Dave Sheridan in the early seventies at the Rip Off Press.