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January 8, 2017

Who Knows

Sunday. The wind and rain came around eight or nine last night, as advertised. To bed early to awaken at six-thirty and drive to breakfast in the rain. Not a heavy rain. Heavy enough, but not with the wind and gusts we'd had last night. More to come later today, they're saying, and it is raining fairly hard as I write.

My, my.

Well, yes. They talk about this stuff and so you start talking (to yourself) about this stuff and forget to think about more important things like the playoff games.

Now, now.

I need to come up with a better selection of the one or two pictures I run when I'm not about to get out and take pictures. A goal for this day, a day following a day where no goals were set and little or nothing was done.

Later. Rain through the day and so football, not a lot, but some. A lie down to listen to the radio a couple of times, the sinuses acting up. The pain meds, yes, caved and went with a dose in the afternoon. Oh, and a movie on one of the channels that I've seen bits of before, but am actually watching for the first time.

All of which means?

Not a great day, lots of rain, dark, and the sinuses could be better. We do, however, seem to be getting through the afternoon.

Evening. An Elementary I'd seen before at five, the Green Bay - Giants game on another channel and so switching back and forth during the commercials. The mouth is feeling “dry”, puffy and dry, something it's done too many times in the past. Not good in the sense it will take the rest of the evening for it to go away. What caused it? Don't know, can't tell.

The Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes episode I'd bailed on earlier this week at seven. For all my seeming willingness to watch the Elementary series, why not the Cumberbatch? I like his acting in other roles. Who knows?

The photo up top was taken during Thanksgiving in Portland, November 2000 with a Nikon D5.