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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 29, 2016


Friday. I was reasonably wide awake at ten last night and so watched Elementary on the tablet with apparent satisfaction once you separate out the interminable ads. Be interesting to put down on paper (computer paper) the reasons I like it, but that would evidently require more effort than I'm willing to expend. You may have noticed an underlying theme here when it comes to “effort” or “expend”.

Still, awake at six, wide awake, no wishing I'd gotten more sleep to then get up easily and drive to the ATM and then on to breakfast. It was dark, but it wasn't raining. The streets were wet and it was dark and overcast, but I could just as easily have walked. I could. Used a bank card to pay for breakfast. But I didn't. Driving didn't bring any guilt, what with a chance of rain and camera thieves about.

We get the drift.

They say rain today and tomorrow, let's hope it's a lot and allows us to catch up on this drought.

Very P.C. of thee, this rain acceptance. Good for a pat on the head.

Later. Overcast, no sun, but it doesn't look like rain and so a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and then back and on to the café near the fitness club for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee, taking a picture of an ad I'd noticed earlier on the bus stop shelter. Are there that many people suffering constipation brought on by taking opioid pain killers that it's worthwhile to advertise on a bus stop kiosk? I talk about my non-opioid meds (too often), but obviously I've not a clue as to how many people there are out there taking their bigger brothers.

All of which means?

You realize, as you grow older, how little you really know of the world. Many more years of this and I'm going to run out of knowledge altogether.

A light shower now. Looking at the Weather Underground web site it shows storm clouds moving in to the north of us here, so we're getting rain primarily up in the mountains and reservoirs, which is good, but a strong El Niño will usually break the high pressure area that's keeping the storms to the north at the moment, allowing them to come through here and down south. Not a good sign?

Later still. A chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream bar followed by a bagel with cream cheese. How many times have I mentioned this in the past, followed by a description of an ocular incident that soon followed? More times than I can remember, emphasis on the “can remember”, and so we'll not describe the incident that arrived as we were watching a movie in bed on the tablet. We seem to live in a bubble, the future unclear, the past immediately gone and forgotten.

Evening. A New Tricks at seven, a new one, another in a sequence that's tied one to the other and we watched with some interest. Not much of a plot, not particularly believable, but it didn't seem to matter. A Detective George Gently followed and I managed about fifteen minutes of it before retiring. Tiring.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Bernie gathering at Lake Merritt last Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.