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Here In Oakland

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January 28, 2016

It's Then

Thursday. Lights out at ten to then take some time to get to sleep, awakening at close to seven as we did yesterday morning. OK, no complaints, a walk to breakfast as the sun was rising, reasonably light, a good walk to breakfast. Took a chance with the bacon, avocado and cheese omelet, finishing the papers by nine and catching the bus home. Thought about it, was up for the walk, but the bus came just as we were leaving the café and sucked us right inside.

Overcast as we're writing after ten, no plans for the day, maybe an attempt at a nap, we'll see if that omelet kicks in later with any of the old ocular migraine symptoms. Just a thought. We'll know soon.

Later. Overcast, no rain, an occasional ray of sun and so naturally the day has gone switching between the tablet and the web, neither of which existed for most of my life. My, my. I need to go by an ATM, but will find a way to put it off until tomorrow.

Whatever ill effects may have come from eating that omelet this morning, if they were ill effects from that omelet, were fleeting and probably aided my outlook in forcing me to lie down and zone out for an hour. Hungry now as it approaches three, but have yet to talk myself into going out or staying here to eat anything. This will pass as the hunger builds (hunger is too strong a word), but it's an ongoing skirmish of a kind I've only experienced since retirement. Another lesson teaching us the world is more complicated than we realized?

Evening. More time on the tablet, prepared one or two things for dinner in the kitchen, dialed into both the Republican debate and Trump's alternative, but decided I'd read about it and listen to it on the news tomorrow.

Took a look at Foyle's War at eight and couldn't decide whether or not I'd seen before, followed along with some of it and then bailed. The Charlie Rose alternative didn't entice or excite and so to bed. There's an Elementary starting at ten I could watch in bed on the tablet, but ten is ten. We'll see how wide awake we are when it's then.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the #96Hours #DirectActionWeekend March to Emeryville at Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.