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Here In Oakland

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January 13, 2016

With Us

Wednesday. To bed early, but then an uneven period in getting to sleep, groggily checking the clock now and again to note the time passing by. Awake at six-thirty, still too early, to get up, check to see if it was raining (it had been, but it wasn't right then ) and so finally deciding to drive to breakfast instead of walk. Ah, well. No regrets.

Home now with the laundry running. Just got home, pulled it together (and the bed apart), trundled it downstairs and got it started. Once that's done there's no backing out. So good, I would guess.

Doesn't look like rain at the moment, some sun actually breaking through the cloud cover, so maybe we'll make it downtown to photograph Latham Square later. How many times have I said that in the morning and then not followed through?

Who's counting?


Later. Laundry done, hung and folded, the bed made, the socks sitting in the laundry basket ready for pairing later this afternoon. Some hard rain for short periods, at one time raining hard with the sun shining, but it looked as if it had cleared up enough for a trip downtown and so out the door and on a bus to Latham Square.

People were working and so a set of pictures, more trenches and laying of pipes and the like, finishing just before the bus was due and so across Broadway to catch the bus to the apartment house construction site to search out and find one or two areas where work was visibly being done before a trip to the burger drive-in across the street for a grilled chicken sandwich. Debated that. Was I hungry or not? For a chicken sandwich? Worked out alright, but we continue with our odd relationship to food.

Later still. Two hours processing today's photographs. Enough with the photographs.

Evening. I listened to a good portion of Democracy Now this morning on the radio when I got up, it's broadcast from six to seven in the mornings, but watched it straight through this evening at five-thirty to hear what they had to say about the State Of The Union speech last night and what the various guests had to say about the Obama Presidency. Mixed bag, that.

There's a Death In Paradise playing at eight that I'll probably watch. I evidently like the damned thing as it (for whatever reason) doesn't offend me as much as so many of the others of its kind, dumb as it is.

Now, later, I did dial into Death In and then dialed out. Yes, I'd seen it before, no I didn't remember who'd done it (or how or why), but the interest, let alone the Force, was not with us.

The photo up top was taken at Federal Building in downtown Oakland in February, 2014, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.