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January 12, 2016

Fresher Head

Tuesday. To bed and to sleep at a decent hour - I think, since I don't quite recall, something I would if I'd had a problem - to awaken at seven. Just like that: a long night's rest. On a sunny walk to breakfast morning. The day starts well.

A walk home to work on yesterday's entry. Interesting to see how the writing goes when matched to the time of day when it was written. The day starts reasonably clear headed, but the head and the pen seem to fuzz as the day progresses and I'm often surprised at the errors I find the next morning.

Not sure what to do with this day, maybe a trip downtown since the temperature is good and the sun is shining. I could use another set of Latham Square photographs, see whatever progress they're making. And that's about it. He said.

Clear headed?

Reasonably clear headed.

Later. I did putter around with this and that to finally watch last night's Charlie Rose program at noon, the fifteen minute interview with a fifty-one year old David Bowie interesting and the initial discussion of the upcoming State of the Union and 2016 election depressing. We are in unsettled times, not that we've not been in unsettled times, but it's rare for what are essentially mass media commentators to finally just throw up their hands and suggest we're fucked. Well, their term was different, but the implication was not.

A walk then to the ATM on Lakeshore, skipping out on the idea of heading to Broadway and shooting the Latham Square construction site. We'll do that tomorrow. Stopped at the café by the fitness club on the way back for a scone and coffee. Warm, this afternoon, I'm sitting here in shirt sleeves with the sliding glass door open after having rolled out bundled up like an oversized teddy bear.

Later still. Remembered to run the Protime blood thinner test, seeing a woman eating a salad through a restaurant window while walking, thinking I haven't had a salad as a meal in a while, relating that to avocado and the other green vegetables that throw the blood thinner off and, well, today was the day for the test. Memory. Odd.

Evening. Watched the State of the Union speech and then went to bed. Didn't change any of the depressing thoughts stirred up earlier by the Charlie Rose broadcast. At least it's now after eight, not too early to get in bed, let the morning start this all over again.

But with a fresher head.

But with a fresher head.

The photo up top was taken at Federal Building in downtown Oakland in February, 2014, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.