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January 7, 2016

To Explain

Thursday. Lights out again at ten, probably didn't get to sleep until eleven, awake at quarter past six to get up and head out to breakfast. Wasn't raining, but dark and so a drive instead of a walk. We'll need to get in some walking later as the sun is shining in between the scattered clouds. I believe we're due for rain later today and tomorrow, but clearing for the weekend, more storms arriving on Monday.

If I'm going to use old pictures, during this less than perfect picture taking period, I need to spend the time to find better ones. I suspect the processing of the photograph I used for yesterday's entry is its particular problem and not the subject. No reason the dark of the day on which it was taken can't be ameliorated more in Lightroom and Photoshop. Something to add to the New Year's resolutions list when I get around to putting together a New Year's resolutions list. I've known now for years what should be on it.

Later. Best to get out for a walk while the sun was still out was the thought, although no desire to go downtown to Latham Square for pictures and set out for a walk to the ATM on Lakeshore, a cup of coffee “inside” the bagel shop after and then back home. I say “inside” the bagel shop as it was cold. Sun, yes. Not much wind, yes. But cold.

The dermatologist mentioned your skin becomes thinner as you grow older, something I guess I at one time knew, but it hadn't really registered when I was younger. I'm assuming “thinner” means less insulation, more susceptibility to the weather and so, wearing everything in the closet before heading to the ATM, I was, um, sensitive to the cold. Nothing over the top, the temperature in the low fifties, but I find the things you learned at an earlier age are often relearned at a later age with a great deal more sympathy and understanding.

You've learned to appreciate why people retire to Florida?

Maybe so. Florida sounds nice, although, given the changing climate, I recommend you stay away from the coast unless your stay is going to be short.

Evening. If I stay up and watch Elementary at ten I might be able to sleep in until seven when it's starting to get light and I can walk (or, more honestly, I'm willing to walk) to breakfast. This walking business is important. I read about these things in the news as I'm lying down or sitting down and thinking lying and sitting makes up an awful lot of my existence.

So will you?

I guess we'll know soon enough. Might help if it's a new episode and not one of the repeats they've been running for this last month or more.

OK, it's been a good day, a decent energy day and so watched Charlie Rose, both segments, and then stayed up to sample Midsomer Murders (I'd seen it, didn't want to see it again), play along on the guitar, check out the Foyle's War episode that followed Midsomer and then switched to Elementary at ten. A new episode. Totally unbelievable plot, but I watched it with interest for reasons I can't explain. Not that I need to explain.

The photo up top was taken through a store window along Lakeshore today with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.