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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 6, 2016


Wednesday. Lights out again by ten, awakening at quarter after six or so to drive to breakfast before seven in a light rain, the rain heavier last night and ramping up again as I was eating, California still on the El Niño track.

A haircut appointment at eleven and so a quick edit and posting of yesterday's entry before dressing for the bus ride downtown (scarf, goose down top, sweater, rain jacket, hat) to the Broadway ATM, no rain to speak of. So good. Luck. One can always use luck however it arrives.

A walk from the ATM to Latham Square, carrying the small V1 camera around the neck, but hidden under the rain jacket. Interesting to see the more upbeat attitude when walking along Broadway without a large camera in hand or over the shoulder. Shot a set of pictures at the Square, no workmen to be seen, I'm wondering if the problem is you can't pour cement when it's raining. Not that I know anything about pouring cement in the rain.

Picked up a prescription refill, got the haircut with just enough time afterward to catch the next bus home. Again, little rain while I was out in the open. Another “good” iteration. We're allowed.

Later. Home to look at the pictures. I haven't used the V1 in some time and realized, probably in fitting it into the jacket pocket that last outing, the camera was set to take jpegs instead of the higher quality NEF's. No big deal, the images are still useful here and in any case certainly aren't critical, but it will get me back to review the manual. Actually kind of nice using the smaller camera, if only for these differences, sparks the brain and tweaks the interest.

Evening. A cruise through the afternoon and into the evening, discovered a season of Foyle's War on the tablet I haven't seen before. No interviews of interest on Charlie Rose and so to bed and then lights out by ten. One routine it's best to foster and encourage.

The photo up top was taken in December 2014 at the Oakland Holiday Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.